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Q. (In progress.)

GEORGE KITTLE: Yeah, I thought our offense did a really good job moving the ball really every possession the first half. We did a really good job. You know, they made a nice defensive stop on the second drive, and then we just got a field goal at the end. Could have been up 21. Hey, that's credit to them. They stopped us, made some plays. It was 10-0, and then they had all the momentum in the second half. I thought our offense did a good job of answering when we needed to, but we left a lot of plays out there obviously.

Q. What happened on the interception from your perspective?

GEORGE KITTLE: K'Waun (Williams) made a good play. Didn't go with the corner at all. Had outside leverage and just made a play on the ball.

Q. Did you expect him to be underneath him there or just a miss?

GEORGE KITTLE: It was just a miss by both of us.

Q. Are they doing things specifically to take you away?

GEORGE KITTLE: I mean, I was doubled occasionally. I mean, it is what it is. We had plays designed to get people open and I thought Jimmy (Garoppolo) did a good job delivering the ball. But, yeah, I mean, I don't really have an answer for you there.

Q. What did Kyle (Shanahan) say to the team after the game?

GEORGE KITTLE: You know, feel like we had some mistakes out there on offense. Defense, you know, they had a couple third-and-longs that they completed. I think we were three-of-eight on offense and they were nine-of-something on their side. So they were just able to stay on the field a lot. A lot of mistakes out there that did not allow us to score points. Our thing has been the last five weeks we turn the ball over, we don't -- and we don't force any turnovers it's hard to win, but we were still in a position to be in there at the end, even overcoming those turnovers. But we just didn't do it enough, I guess.

Q. Jimmy had two picks; what was he -- I guess he's the same guy regardless. How was he responding to -- obviously he had some tough moments there.

GEORGE KITTLE: How was he responding? Is that your question?

Q. Yeah, I mean, I don't know. Like was he the same guy just because there were five throws that were either disastrous or near disastrous?

GEORGE KITTLE: I mean, I couldn't tell the difference in Jim (Jimmy Garoppolo).. He was confident. I thought he did a good job getting the sideline ready to go, the offense ready to go. You know, I think our best was needed tonight and our best players didn't play our best game. You know, I think that's kind of the feeling. Deebo (Samuel) obviously played really well and just as an offense we have to not make mistakes. False starts are tough. Got to put ourselves in position to win, which we obviously didn't do.

Q. (Regarding confidence level.) Where is it right now?

GEORGE KITTLE: Damn high. I mean, I really believe in this team. I think we got playmakers all over the field. I don't want to say it's a blessing in disguise, but we have our backs against the wall now. We have to win. This is a group that's resilient and a group that is going to come back to work. I think we're going to grind really hard. We get these three days. I always want to say flush after 24 hours, but I might want to let this one boil up a little bit and get ready to go next week.

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