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TE Evan Engram


How do you think that this team will respond in the off-season?

The DNA of this team will not be the same. This is the last time the DNA of this locker room will be together. So, we understand the nature of the business. All I know is this feeling, the leaders of this team, the guys that are here, this is part of our story. We can either be victims of it or find a way to make it a part of our return. Make it a part of our response.

Would you say 'shell-shocked' is a good word to describe how the players are feeling right now.

I mean, honestly, you could go down the list of us not expecting to be here. A lot of things that put us in this position that we can't have.

Could you just not find the magic, the spark, or whatever it was that you missed in the last six weeks that you had.

Obviously not. Obviously not.

Obviously, you guys make a ton of plays, but is it just one more? You know how this game usually comes down to a few. What did you see out there on some of them that you guys could have had?

I had a turnover. You know, I was part of a turnover today. I've got to make that play. We're on the one-yard line, it's our responsibility to get in the end zone. There's a lot of things, man. There's just a lot of things that put us in this position. I'm lost for words, honestly.

Josh (Allen) said it felt like at times, because last year you guys found that spark down the back stretch of the season, that you were searching for a similar spark. Is that how you would kind of evaluate the situation?

Honestly, I don't know. I mean, we're in the NFL, and we're here for a reason. We're all capable of making plays. We're all capable of coming together and winning games and we didn't do that today. We were 8-3 at one point and we didn't do it. We just didn't do it. Just didn't do what we're capable of doing. The potential of the team, we didn't fulfill it.

You mentioned it's not going to be the same DNA. I know you're not the GM, but what are you guys missing? Are you missing something in here?

There's a lot of things. You're right, I'm not the GM, but there are a lot of things that are—a lot of things that went wrong this year were in our control. A lot more things we did to ourselves than things that happened to us, honestly.

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