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TE Darren Fells


Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020

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Q. Your take on this game overall. You guys were back and forth with them and then you managed to lose the game at the end?

DARREN FELLS: Football always comes down to a few plays here and there. Offensively we needed to capitalize on a few plays. Defensively same thing. That's just a couple of plays that we wish we could have back.

Q. In terms of what Deshaun does for the offense what most impresses you about what he did today?

DARREN FELLS: He's always had the ability to extend plays, find the open read, and then just make phenomenal plays after that. He's just a phenomenal player and always happy to have him back there leading us.

Q. Is this loss any tougher given how it came out?

DARREN FELLS: Conference games always hurt a little bit more. And then having been able to fight back into it and come back and then go into over time, it definitely stings a little more, especially it's a conference game and these always in our mind count as two wins.

Q. You guys scored 30 points two games in a row. What's been the difference in these last two games for you guys?

DARREN FELLS: I feel like the biggest difference is just guys are finally coming out, playing a little bit looser. Been struggling to get things started, obviously the first four games and not being able to get that W. So finally going out there and getting the offense moving a little bit, getting relaxed, getting that first W and able to come back out here more relaxed.

Q. Darren, how does it make you guys feel as an offense when Romeo puts you guys in the position to win the game as he did today on that final drive going for it on fourth down twice and then opting to go for the two-point conversion?

DARREN FELLS: It's definitely a feeling of trust like he gives you that ability to run the offense and just go out there and win the game for us, and we just want to go out there and keep on building on that confidence that he has on us.

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