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TE Dalton Schultz


How do you view this mini bye you have—like for your body and things?

Absolutely. I think it'll be good. I think we've had three games in 12 days. It'll be nice. Obviously guys are playing a lot of ball in a short amount of time, and so getting our bodies back, get guys back from little bumps and bruises and injuries.

Three in 12 days, do you feel like the team's getting tired or—it's kind of a grueling game...

No, not really. We have a good core of players that are kind of setting an expectation for everybody. Because right now is when you need to play your best ball, not take your foot off the pedal.

How close do you think you guys are to that, to playing your best ball? CeeDee (Lamb) was just saying like Vikings—felt like that.

Yeah, I mean, I just think this will be a game where we can learn a lot. And it might be a game where it changes our path and trajectory of where we want to go based on fixing some stuff that we needed to fix in this game. So I think that you take everything in stride, learn what you can, and the most important thing is just getting better every week. We get another game next week and then we're playing for keeps after that.

Do you feel like guys really didn't pay attention to Tennessee sitting guys and all that?

Yeah, I mean, we've been saying it all week. It doesn't matter who lines up or who we play, what their record is. We're going out to try to play our best brand of ball. Obviously we got the win, but again, I don't think we played our best ball today. Again, good learning opportunity.

I might have missed this but how did it feel to make those touchdown grabs, especially the one in the corner?

It's great. Catching touchdowns is always a good feeling. Just being able to make those plays and just keep building trust from the other guys in the offense. You step in the huddle, you want to make sure that you got the trust of every guy in there. So I thought that was a good step for us.

On the flip side of that, Peyton (Hendershot) has a play like that with that interception--

Short term memory, man, that's what I said. We're big on neutral thinking. We're big on not getting too high, not getting too low. That was just one of those moments where it's natural, like, you have a play like that, you're going to get down on yourself. So, I said, 'You got two minutes to sulk a little bit and then we need you right back.'

What impressed you most about Dak (Prescott) tonight just in terms of the ebb and flow of the game?

Just poise. I mean, he's the king of not getting too high, not getting too low. He's him throughout, whether he just threw a pick or a 99-yard bomb. You know exactly what you're going to get from him, especially emotion-wise, and I think that's why he's such a good leader.

After a play like the Peyton (Hendershot) one, how does Dak (Prescott), does he go over to a guy like Peyton?

Absolutely. I mean, he's saying the same stuff that I said. 'We need you. We're coming right back to you.' You get a play like that, it's not like you're not getting another shot. No, you're getting another shot, we need you to make that play. Bringing some of the young guys along and teaching them that is really important, especially as you get late into the year and deep in the playoffs hopefully--you're going to need some of these young guys to step up and their name is going to get called in big time moments, and you're going to need their best performance.

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