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TE Chig Okonkwo


When the team had the lead, and the ball in the fourth quarter, you were kind of in a good spot.

Yeah, whenever you're winning, you feel good. You feel comfortable.

How big of a moment was it when the defense got that pick, by (Jack) Gibbens, and you weren't able to turn it in to points? Was that the biggest opportunity of the game?

Probably. We had an opportunity. Defense got a turnover for us and we couldn't capitalize, and that obviously came back to get us.

The team has a minus five in turnovers these last two division games, the past three weeks. Is it tough to win games when that's the case?

You cannot win games turning the ball over. You cannot win it.

Were you happy how you guys were able to run the ball, for most of the day?

Yeah. That's our bread and butter, and I feel that we accomplished that. There were a couple of times where we might have run it, but we had a bad penalty that put us back. Took away one of our explosive plays. But I think we did our job when it came to running the football.

How big of a frustration is it, in a sense that does it feel like you guys have shot yourselves in the foot during these last few weeks rather than being beaten by the opponent?

Credit to them. But you've got to watch the tape and look at the turnover margin. We've been putting ourselves in a bad spot these past couple of weeks, for sure.

What do you guys have to do from here? Obviously, it all comes down to Week 18.

Come back with a sense of urgency and a greater sense of focus. And a greater sense of preparation, so that when we come out, we're on our stuff. And we just need to find a way to win a game.

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