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TE Chig Okonkwo


What was that experience like for you?

Oh, man, it was an amazing experience. You know, catching a touchdown was awesome. But having it to be your first, you know, in the home stadium, it was definitely a great experience.

What do you make of the whole environment for the first time?

Oh, I think it was awesome. The fans are very loud for a preseason game. So I'm excited to get back on September 11th and see what they look like then.

You're going to go back and watch film and stuff like that. But like in the moment, what kind of corrections did you kind of feel that you may need to make or what was kind of the good experiences that you pulled out of this?

I had one play where I kind of had a brain fart, where I was a single receiver on one side, and I was supposed to be on the ball and I wasn't on the ball there. So, there's little things like that. Just making sure I know, I understand the rules in my head and know the NFL. Things like that I need to work on. Obviously, everything else in terms of blocking, steps, route running, everything needs to be worked on, honestly.

What did you see on the touchdown play?

I actually got rerouted terribly. I got knocked off my route really bad. I just kept on playing through contact and ran to the other side. I saw the linebacker sitting, so I ran on the other side of him and just like, you know, what the play is planned to do. And Malik (Willis) hit me.

What did the moment mean? I asked you before the Baltimore game last week. You said you might take a moment to think about being here. Did you take a moment after being in the end zone for the first time?

Man, even now, still, it was it was weird. It still didn't feel – you know, because it's preseason it didn't feel all the way there. I'm just waiting until September 11th when all the juice is out and everybody's out. And then I feel like that'll be the time where everything will hit me. 

How much does getting out there in these two games mean for your confidence, and just belief of not just doing it practice, but doing it in the game?

Yeah, totally. Just getting out there and finally actually getting in the live action, live snaps, and being able to play and just realizing, 'Man, this is the NFL.' I'm able to play here. Like, I'm able to do these things. I'm able to go against these guys. I'm able to work against these guys. And I'm enjoying practices. You're going against guys that you grew up watching all the time. Just going out there, and just realizing football is football. It just really helps your confidence and knowing that the game is the game. You just got to go out there and play.

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