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T Taylor Lewan


(on the importance of bouncing back after a loss and continuing positive momentum)

Yeah, it's important to win every single week. What happened last week, getting started too late and all that, that's in the past now. The biggest thing was to focus on this week. And Jacksonville is a good team. I know they're 0-5 and all of that, but I think in past experiences, and something about Jacksonville is that it wasn't as much fight if the game got a little separated. They fought the entire game. They played hard. Their defense plays extremely hard. They have great leadership on that team. They're going to win some games this year. I know they're going to have a much better year than the start has been. They played hard all game, and I'm just really happy for the team to get back on track and kind of keep moving forward.

(on what it does for the offense when the defense scores first like it did today)

Harold (Landry III) and I were talking one time and he was like, 'Hey, when you guys go out there first and score, it makes it feel like there's not so much pressure.' And I think that definitely happened. Obviously, they did a great job of going down and scoring. Those guys fight, man. This is a tough place to play. They have a lot of young guys on their team that are very talented, very hungry. Just happy to get this one, get back on track playing cleaner games, getting the O-line to play better every single week. That's the goal. And start hitting the stride. We have a big stretch coming up and a big game coming up Monday night.

(on the consistency and success running back Derrick Henry brings on the field)

Yeah. This whole team loves Derrick (Henry). I love Derrick. He's a great guy. He wants to win, he wants to play well, but he could have 20 yards and as long as we win, that's all he cares about. I'm a huge fan of Derrick Henry. Have been for a long time, and I'm just happy he's on our team, man. I really am. I love being around the guy. He's a good friend. I'm really happy for him. The way he comes out and works every single week, there's a reason why he's captain. I voted for him as captain. I think he's a stud. And we know what we're capable of. And the crazy thing is, from a rushing standpoint, as an offensive line, we could do way better. We've played way better in the past. We're leaving a lot of the meat on the bone right now, and we know that as an offensive line. And it's just the continuation of every week getting a little bit better, moving a little bit further. For me every week has been making progress. Every week has been a cleaner game, being better. So for me individually, it's just continuing to go out and do that and help Derrick get more yards and protect (Ryan) Tannehill.

(on when he says 'meat on the bone' if he means from an efficiency standpoint)

Efficiency standpoint. I think we've played better in the past. There are times we've played better last year or the year before, us as a group. So I think we need to continue. (We've) got to keep working at it. Guys have to keep going, coming in to work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. It's good to have 130 yards obviously, but we have to start faster. There's a lot more we're capable of as an offensive line to help Derrick (Henry) be more successful and to help Ryan (Tannehill) be more successful. I think we hold ourselves to an extremely high standard, and we'll continue to try to work on that.

(on how he feels the offense has grown in five games with Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing)

Todd (Downing)'s a stud. Todd is a stud. And I think -- I love Todd. We talk all the time. The way he talks to the players, the way he talks to the coaches. People want to compare him and Arthur (Smith) all the time. I think, you know, the easiest comparison is the guys don't have egos. They want to do whatever they possibly can to help the team. And I think when Arthur first got in, I don't remember – was it '19 was our first year with Arthur? I think we started 2-4. And he just kept working. He never wavered. He never seemed like he was panicking. And really, (it) seems that way with Todd (Downing) too, that there's really never a panic. He's always willing to listen. At the end of the game, I came up to him and said, 'Hey, give me an opportunity to run left, like give me that opportunity.' And he called a couple and a couple worked out. So I love Todd, and I think he's doing a great job. I don't know how to be an OC, though, just to clarify.

(on how much the team's ability to stay on the field and keep drives alive wore down the Jaguars)

I don't know how much they got worn down or their mindset in those situations. I think Ryan (Tannehill) did a great job getting the ball out of his hands. I think the offensive line for the most part did a great job passing off games. They put a lot of five guys on the field and one-on-one'd us and played a lot of games, which put us in a lot of games and really tested us. And Ryan (Tannehill) did a great job of moving in the pocket and getting the ball out of his hand, and just (being) a complete pro right there. (It) made us look really good.

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