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T Taylor Lewan


(on the loss)

It was (bad) football. We didn't play good. Stalled in the red zone, we did a good job moving the ball, but as an offense it just wasn't good enough. It just wasn't good. There is no excuse. We have to be better. How does that look? We all have to play better. What we have done in the past weeks in having success, at no point did we think we were going to lose this game. If we just keep pounding away, we are going to find a way to come back with it, but when you spot them that many points time runs out on you. Just a (bad) day. A (bad) day for the offense, but we have to be a whole lot better.

(on Houston's defense and if they did anything the offense hadn't prepared for)

I think we ran the ball well in the first half. We just stalled. We had too many turnovers. As an entire offense, we have to do better. Like I said, it was a (bad) day. We did not play well as a unit. It was just bad. I am not going to sit here and make it sound like, 'Oh, this is good. We did some good things. We ran the ball better.' Congratulations, if you don't score more points than the other team it doesn't matter. Nothing matters. Wins and losses are the only things that matter in this league.

(on if the team is expected to beat the Texans)

I don't know. I think every game – it is not like we go in and are like, 'Oh, it is the Jets, we are going to win. Oh, it is the Texans we are going to win.' We attack every single week. We had a good week of practice. Guys seemed locked in, very few mental errors. We had a great gameplan set up. I think Todd (Downing) put us in positions to be successful. We just can't have turnovers. We can't – we just have to be better as an offense. Giving up five takeaways if you include the punt return, it is just bad ball. As I expect the leaders on this team, me and these guys, we got to go to work. We have to realize that every week counts. We realize that, but we have to be better. I wish I had something to say that would fix this and ease everybody. The reality is we started the charge too late. Stalled out in the red zone and gave them the ball too many times. I think our defense bailed us out a few times and that was awesome, but our offense has to be a whole lot better.

(on not getting off to a fast start and lacking urgency)

I would disagree with that. I think there was urgency. We start the game on the ball. The first two plays not great, and then (Ryan) Tannehill does great job of converting a third-and-long. We start moving, we get into the red zone. Was that the first drive? Second drive. If we can get a first first down, statistically, no one cares about the statistics, but percentage-wise, we do a good job of moving the ball down the field. Those grey area turnovers have to be better. We have to be a better unit. It is not one guy, it never is. This is a team sport. I know people want to be like, 'It is this guy. It is that guy.' If we all play better, we are going to win games. We have to put the ball in the endzone, we have to score sixes instead of threes.

(on the amount of injuries the team is currently facing)

It is nothing our training staff is doing. Our coaching staff takes good care of us during the week. That is just an unlucky deal. I wish I had more for you on that, but it is what it is. We have to overcome those things. I think Coach (Mike Vrabel) does a great job of preaching the gameplan on a daily basis during the week. Todd (Downing) does a great job of putting us in positions to be successful. We have to execute. We have to be better.

(on how hard it is to play with players who are new to the team and still learning the system)

This is going to sound like a cop-out thing, but my job on a play is very specific to what I do. If we call this certain play, I know where my landmark is, I know where my hands are supposed to be, and I have to go run that. The guys behind me, the receivers, everybody – this is professional football, and we all have to put ourselves in positions to be successful. I am not a wide receiver, I am not a quarterback, I am not a running back. If I was put int those positions, I will tell you what, I would be out of here real fast. I just think that we have to learn from this, we have to continue to grow. I wish I could give you more of what you wanted. I wish I had a crystal ball that could solve everything for you guys right now, but the reality is they took advantage of our (bad) football. We have to be better.

(on giving up points early and allowing the Texans to hang in the game)

I think any team, if you – I don't know, that is a good question. There are 60 minutes in football. We spotted the Colts 10 points a few weeks back and were able to come back from that. We just have to do better. I wish I had better answer for you guys.

(on his confidence level in quarterback Ryan Tannehill)

My confidence level in Ryan (Tannehill) is 100 percent. I think Ryan (Tannehill) is an outstanding quarterback. I think if anybody sits here and doesn't believe that, then you guys go out there and do it. (Ryan) Tannehill leads this team. He has done an amazing job. You have seen what has happened since he stepped in as a starting quarterback of this team. I think the way he is going to handle this week, the way he handles himself on a weekly basis, we should all be appreciative of him to be our quarterback of this franchise. These things happen. My Week One happened. I don't know when it comes to interceptions and stuff, I don't know what the receivers are supposed to do. I don't know any of that. I do know that (Ryan) Tannehill is going to take 100 percent of it like he does, like he probably already did, and he is going to work his ass off this week. He is a stud. I think if anybody thinks differently you guys don't know ball.

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