T Taylor Lewan


(on the offense adjusting to not having running back Derrick Henry out there)

This team is just finding ways to win. I think the only thing that matters is 8-2. Todd (Downing) is making great calls at the right time to put us in a position to win. (Ryan) Tannehill is doing an amazing job getting the ball out and guys are getting open. Timing has been awesome. The O-line has been protecting pretty well. We'll keep working. We'll keep working the run game and get more consistent as it goes. This is my first game with these guys and we started to get things going. We weren't as consistent as we like to be, obviously. Don't know what our final rushing yards were, but it wasn't great. But, finding ways to win is the only thing that matters.

(on players stepping up and that speaking to the depth and readiness of this team)

I think that speaks a lot about Coach (Mike) Vrabel and Todd (Downing) and these Titans' coaches, because I don't know how many guys we have played this year, but I think we're on a record pace right now for guys who have played for the Titans this year. The coaches are very clear on what the keys are every single week. What we have to watch out for in certain situations, situational football things. That's great coaching. Them taking care of business.

(on if the Titans have discovered a formula to win without Derrick Henry)

I don't know about that. That would be a question for the coaches. I play left tackle. You call the play and I run it to the best of my abilities. It's awesome to be 8-2. I bring this up a lot, but in 2014 or 2015, we couldn't buy a win. I was just talking to Miss Amy (Adams) about this being the 200th win for the Tennessee Titans. It's very cool to be part of a huge change and I think everyone has put us in a huge position to be successful, and we're scrappy. This team is very scrappy.

(on what it says about the character of this Titans team finding a way to win six straight games)

Finding a way to win, that's all that matters. To keep working and keep improving, because there was a lot of stuff today we could have done better out there on that field. That was not perfect by any means, so although our record is really good, we could be a lot better. The way we played today, we are very beatable, and we need to improve on a lot of things and not get complacent.

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