T Taylor Lewan


(on returning to the field since suffering a season-ending injury last year)

It was awesome. I was just so excited to go play, and I have worked so hard since October to make that happen. I felt like the exact same guy. I felt – it was just awesome to be out there, especially being out there with Rodger (Saffold III) and those guys. I am just happy. It was literally just one of the best feelings ever just to know that – you keep telling yourself through the process you are going to be OK, it is going to be all right, then when you are actually able to play you know it is going to be all right.

(on what he thought when he heard 'run left' in the huddle)

I thought it was a good call. That kind of pressure that these coaches – they expect a lot out of me and Rodger (Saffold), and we welcome that. It is a fun time playing with this team, it is fun playing with Rodger (Saffold III), we have an incredible chemistry. Obviously, I am always going to want to run left more than any other way.

(on the season opener and playing Week One at Nissan Stadium)

I am just so excited to be back. When you get hurt, you don't realize how fast this game can be taken away from you. I am just excited to play against a team, going up against Arizona, it is going to be awesome. They have great edge rushers with Chandler Jones and J.J. Watt now there. Even watching film from last year some of those guys that are still there that were second team guys, they can really rush the passer and they play really hard. I am excited to get out there, it is going to be a huge challenge for us Week One.