T Orlando Brown Jr.



Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021

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(on the emotion he's feeling after this playoff win) "Man, it's special. It's very special to be able to suit up with this team, and to be able to walk into this building with these men and these coaches. Our front office is very special, and to do this, to win this game for the City of Baltimore – it's a very gratifying feeling. But we understand the bigger goals at the end, and where we want to get."

(on QB Lamar Jackson getting his first playoff win, the criticism he's received for his postseason play and his performance today) "He took over the game. He took over the game, and he did what he needed to do to put us in the best position to win. Personally, I don't think he's ever played bad in the playoffs. I think it was something that we struggled as a team putting it all together. But how he was able to come out, how he was able to compete, and how he was able to finish, I can't give enough credit to him, and how well he played and persevered."

(on WR Marquise Brown having a big game today and the offense having playmakers all over the field) "We expect nothing less out of every man on that field. We know that every man on that field is a great playmaker, including the guys up front. 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown] is deserving of that; he works hard, he put in a lot of time this offseason, and he's stuck with it throughout this season. I couldn't be happier for him in terms of how he prepares, and how he performs. He deserves it, and I'm just thankful for the win."