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Sunday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The preseason is in the books.

Next up: Roster cuts, and the regular season.

But first, this weekend's Titans mailbag, which is coming to you on Sunday.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Joe Allen from Lebanon, Tennessee
Hello Jim; wow, what a game with Willis at QB! Yes, he did have some glitches, but over all, thought he played a great game and made quick decisions with the ball and his body! Feeling pretty good as for a solid number 2 back up for sure! I did see some pretty sorry play out there by the offense and not holding blocks, etc. and they do need to clean that up and quick. #71 Dillard comes to mind unless I was seeing things. He got beat on several plays and looked like he was being handled really easily. Can't wait to see DHop on the field! I am up here in CT right now and got the Pats feed out of Mass, but was able to see the game thank goodness. I thought that Colton Dowell made a good showing and looks like a solid receiver with his height and ball skills! I do hope he makes the team and wish him the best! What do you think on the personnel I mentioned? Thanks and have a great year Jim!

Jim: Hey Joe. I thought Malik Willis played well for the most part – was 14-of-15 after a slow start, made some nice throws, but he threw a couple of bad picks. As for the first team o-line, I thought the group was a little shaky – there was no where to run. Coach Mike Vrabel didn't mince words when talking about the group on Saturday. Vrabel was asked specifically about Dillard, and he said the entire o-line needs to start better, "and make sure we're improving," no matter what the other team is doing. "We need to go out and play better, and use our rules, and block better, finish better," Vrabel said. "I would say that entire group as to have a big week. … The entire group, there's just too much inconsistency."

Jeffery Raney from Pittsburg, Texas
Hello Jim. I am looking forward to opening day kickoff and especially watching the defense they look awesome. I have watched the three preseason games and paid attention to the offensive line and receivers since that appears to be the weakest area of the offense. I still think that Roos and Kinsey are quality players and hope they both make the team. If the Titans were my team, I would figure out a way to keep Kinsey his motor never stops. What are your thoughts?

Jim: I'm looking forward to the season, too. And, yes, I like Mason Kinsey – he's an underdog with a great attitude. But injuries to Treylon Burks and Kyle Philips have complicated things at the position. It's going to be tricky.

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Hi Jim. With the preseason now complete and roster cuts now taking place, Carthon and Vrabel have a tough couple of days ahead of them. From what I've seen in practices and preseason games, there are plenty of hard-working guys to choose from and we have the right leadership to build a Super Bowl contending team this year. Our Defense looks tough. The O line has hope. Our receiving, RB and QB rooms are great. What do you think will be the most difficult decision for our leaders when trimming down to 53?

Jim: Receivers, o-line and d-line, secondary – all spots with tough decisions to make. I asked Vrabel this question yesterday and he started naming every position, so there ya go. The reality is this roster won't be set even at Week 1. A lot of things in play.

Jim Smyth from Birmingham, Alabama
WOW! Jim you can spin it however you want. This OLine could not block me. Brewer may be the nicest guy in the world, but lets face it he would not start at Center for ANY other team in the league. Ryan my advice for you...... get your affairs in order. I hope retirement treats you well, because you will no doubt be laid up by week 4 (just hope and pray he does not get seriously hurt). As much as us diehard fans want to believe we can contend... the reality is this is a poor roster (left over from last year). You just don't turn things this fast. I know the brass is hoping to make one last run with some of this group...but we shot our shot. Rebuild time!!!

Jim: Sorry, I'm not DJ. But, I have been singing the same tune as everyone else - with four new starters on the o-line, this unit has question marks attached to it. We addressed this with the first question in here from Joe. Mike Vrabel addressed it yesterday … But calling for a rebuild before Week 1? This gets my first 'C'mon, man' of the season.

Christopher Allen from Houston, Texas
Hi Jim! I wrote in the mailbag a few weeks ago about this topic, and sorry for doing it again. How can we let kicking be an issue for 4 years now. Now badgley starts with a double doink then missed a 39 yarder. This will be a long season if we can't hit from 39. The question is simple: How much of a priority will we make on kicking? Considering we are a running team who plays defense and keeps games close? Spend the money get a kicker.

Jim: Did I miss where Mike Vrabel guaranteed Michael Badgley is the kicker for 2023?

Jose Peralta from San Antonio, Texas
Hey Jim long, long time Oilers/ Titans fan and a really big fan of yours, I really appreciate all you do for all the Titans fans., I really don't have a question today, I just wanted to say that after seeing some of the training camp and the two preseason games I am can see us winning our division and making it deep into the playoffs, as long as we can stay healthy... what do you think?? Oh well I guess there is a question after all. Lol. Thank you for your time Jim and as always Titanup!!!!

Jim: Good to hear from you, Jose. I'll just say I like your optimism!

Clint Ritchie from Medford, Oregon
Hello, Jim! What is the difference between a player being released and a player being waived?

Jim: In reality, it means the same thing, but this the difference in terminology: A player who has accrued less than four years worth of seasons in the NFL is waived, while a so-called vested veteran, or a player with four or more accrued seasons, is released.

Billy Tarr from Whiteside, Tennessee
If I said that god will help you win more games this year and it happens would you guys believe and if so would you believe his son is on earth probably hard to believe but if I say this and you win way more games would you think possibly anyway god said you will do a little better this year.

Jim: My mom always told me God doesn't care who wins football games.

Elaine Hamilton from Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Jim, with training camp in the books, then the last preseason game and cuts, what do the players schedules look like after that? Off till Monday of game week?

Jim: Players and coaches are actually back on the field Sunday for a walkthrough, and practice is scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week (roster cuts are Tuesday). Then it will be game week next week.

Keith Delbeck from Ducktown, Tennessee
Hi Jim. Longtime Oilers/Titans fan here. This isn't as much of a question as it is a comment. I know NFL teams are limited in how often they can change their helmets/ uniforms, but I really wish the Titans would get away from the dark blue helmet. It's too comparable to the dark blue helmets the Texans and the Seahawks wear, plus it's hard to see the logo at TV play level. It would be nice at some point to see a change to a light blue helmet with a color scheme similar to the original Oilers helmet with the difference being the Titans logo. Your thoughts?

Jim: I kind of like the dark blue myself, Keith, but I appreciate you sharing your opinion. As you mentioned, the Titans will be wearing those white Oilers helmets this season.

Taylor Pennington from Milan, Tennessee
Just wanted to write and lift up Caleb Farley in prayer. Praying for him and his family during this difficult time. From the the Titans family we love you.

Jim: Thanks for taking the time, Taylor.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Hey Jim, no question. Football is the last thing on my mind.. I wanted to pass my deepest condolences to Caleb and the entire Farley Family. My heart aches for them. I know Titan Nation will put their arms around this family and help them through this tough time.

Jim: Appreciate it, Jeremy.

Jimmy Wayne from Carlsbad, California
Hey Jim! My dad and I used to be super fans when I was a kid. I swear I probably have every Steve McNair and Eddie George trading card. For some reason we stopped following the NFL, probably because we moved away from the area. 20 something years later I'm back, and I want to get back into the action. Any advice for somebody trying to follow the team again?

Jim: Hey Jimmy. I'd definitely dive back in. Follow the team (@Titans) and myself (@jwyattsports) on Twitter and Instagram, and get ready for an exciting season. I think this team is built to be competitive, and better than some might think.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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