S Micah Hyde


(on the range of emotions from a touchdown to the ending of the game)

That's the up and downs of an NFL game, man. You got to learn how to just flush it. Huge play, we thought. We knew we'd have to go back out there. Offense did a hell of a job driving down. Coach (McDermott) made a hell of a call at the end. We're riding with that all day with 17's (Josh Allen) hand. QB sneak and it's a tough one.

(on playing against running back Derrick Henry and what helped him tonight get loose)

We let him out a few times and when that happens, I mean, you watch it on film. You can watch all the games on film and know once he gets through that front line, it's hard to bring him down. He got through a few times and from there (laughs). The guy's huge. The guy's fast. You've got to find a way to get him down.

(on how much pride in being a good team goes into the situation at the end of the game)

I mean, just like (Jordan) Poyer said. Call it pride. Call it whatever you want. The ball in 17 (Josh Allen)'s hands, fourth-and-one. Like I said, Sean (McDermott) made a hell of a call and we're riding with that all day.