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S Kevin Byard


Can you talk about the relief felt when you saw the pass fall incomplete on the two-point conversion attempt and once the onside kick was recovered?

On the two-point play, I was trying to go out and make a play. I knew I had 83 (Darren Waller). I was honestly trying to pick the ball off with one hand, but it just kind of tipped off my hand. It was just one of those times at the game in which you've got to make a play. They did a great job of just keeping the ball. I don't know how many plays it was on that last drive, but it was a lot. To end the game and get a W at home, it just feels great. That type of feeling in the locker room, that's something we want to continue to feel and keep building on that.

Why did the Titans defense have so much success with their red zone defense today?

Our red zone defense really showed up today. We understand in certain games with explosive offenses, they're going to drive the ball down. You don't want to give up X-plays, but when they get down there, we have to get a stop. Even on a sudden change, they would get a stop and force a field goal. It was big for us as a defense to get off the field in the red zone because our offense kind of stalled a little bit, but we kind of put it upon ourselves that sometimes when offense - they're not going to score every drive. They started out the game with three straight touchdowns. They gave us a little bit of cushion to be able to go out there and try to play some good defense.

How did you feel at the end of the game? Was anybody dragging at all towards the end?

Guys were hurting. Guys were tired, but we just kept preaching one more play. Even though they scored at the end of the game, I kept preaching we had just one more play. All it takes is one play to make it and we can win this ballgame. That's what it ends up coming down to sometimes. These games aren't always going to be blowouts. It was going to be tight. It was going to come down to a last possession where it was the offense on the field or the defense on the field. We just happened to be out there last and make a play to win the game.

Is it a little frustrating having another one of these second half comebacks and with what is happening defensively despite getting the win?

As the defense, I feel like we became up big in big spots. We gave up some X-plays. There are some things that we still have to clean up, but at the end of the day it just feels good to get a win. It's very hard to get a W in this league. I don't care who you are playing, on any given Sunday you can lose or win a game. It was just big to get a win and we've just got to continue to build on that.

How crazy is it that you've been in 100 games now and how good was it to make such an impact in this one?

I am just grateful and thankful. To get to 100 games, it almost feels unbelievable. Doesn't feel like a hundred games, but to get an interception, make a big play down there in the red zone on the goal line, and then to make a play at the end of the game. Definitely a special day for me and just a special moment. These moments I will cherish, you just never know how many more you're going to get. I was just happy to get a win and that I was able to make a play to help the team win.

Do you have anything to say about the Middle Tennessee State win yesterday?

Big time. Big time win. I was super excited watching the game last night. I am happy for Stock (Rick Stockstill) and I am proud of Stock (Rick Stockstill). Just those guys battling. Nobody gave us a chance to win so we went down there and blew them out pretty well. I'm happy for them and I'll be down there Friday night rooting for those boys in my jersey retirement ceremony on Friday night against UTSA. They are a good team, so I am excited for a really good game. 

How difficult is it for a player like defensive back Terrance Mitchell who just came to the Titans and received a lot of snaps?

It's the life of the NFL. It is tough, though. It really is tough. Coming off the street, he was in New England during training camp, but to come into a whole new system. He was lined up on my side for pretty much the entire game, so I was having to make sure I was communicating with him a lot. We run a lot of different defenses. This defense is very complex, different situations call for different defense, a different technique. He's been in this league a while. I know he'll be able to bounce back in. It's just tough. At the end of the day, I am going to make sure I am continuing to talk to him. He's been in the league. He understands how these things go. I'm sure he's happy we got a win too.

What kind of relief was it when you saw tight end Austin Hooper on top of the ball on that final onside kick?

I was telling him to get down on the ground. I don't know what he was doing. He caught the ball and I almost thought he was about to keep going. I was like, 'Get on the ground, get on the ground.' He finally dropped to the ground. I feel like if he had stayed up, I was trying to cover him up, and I did not want to get smacked by somebody. He was standing up trying to run so happy once he finally got to the ground.

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