S Kevin Byard


(On how nice it was to pull away a win) "It was a great win. Obviously we didn't play well enough in the first half, especially defensively. We gave up some big plays but you've got to bring a warrior-like mentality on the road. We were able to run the ball and I think on defense we played pretty well, pretty much the majority of the game. A couple of big plays but other than that, just a great win. We talked about finding out what type of team we were going to be; facing adversity and being down. I think it was twenty-four to nine or something like that. We were able to come back and not panic on the sideline, everyone stuck together like a family. That's what you want to see against a tough team like Seattle on the road."

(On what it is about this team rising to the occasion) "I think it's the way we're built. I think the guys we have in the locker room and leadership we have when stuff isn't going well. We understand that. Things aren't always going to go well in an NFL game. It's just how it goes, and we have to stick together and just keep battling and fighting until the last whistle. I'm proud of all of the guys because we were able to come together and get this W."

(On what the atmosphere was like) "It might have been the loudest stadium I've ever played in. I've been in Kansas City in AFC Championship games and those games are pretty loud. But, that was definitely a playoff-like atmosphere. I think it was a good test for us as a team to be able to go through something like that and actually come out on top and win against a tough team facing adversity. That's how it's going to be every single week. We have a tough schedule, so every single game we have to understand that games are going to be tough. I was talking to some of the young guys on the sideline, 'this isn't college anymore, you're not going to blow people out. You're going to be down in some games, games are going to be close and we have to continue to communicate and make sure that we're good'. Like you said, facing adversity and finding out what kind of team we are."

(On what was said in the locker room at half time) "Guys were turned up. I think we weren't proud of how we played in that first half. Obviously we feel like we played pretty good, but there were big plays. We gave up three big plays, and if you look at those plays that we don't give up it's a totally different ball game. We were obviously animated but at the same time we were like 'calm down, let's go out here and play football the way we know how to play it', and I think we just needed to calm down, kind of settle down and allow the game to come to us."