S Kevin Byard


Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020

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(on getting the win after a tumultuous two weeks)

Obviously the past 12 days, two weeks, however many days it's been, it's definitely been tough on the team, tough on everybody. We still need to get some guys back. Guys are still going through the protocol and guys are still actually sick, so we're hoping they get back. We had the right people in our locker room. The coaching staff did a great job of keeping us prepared, keeping our minds right, keeping our minds good and making sure we were going to play a game. Really just locking in. We had great Zoom meetings, just making sure that we're really locking in on the small details. I told you guys earlier in the week that we weren't going to make any excuses. We went out there and showed out.

(on stopping an undefeated Bills team)

Every week is different, I kind of talk about it all the time. I feel like in the NFL, momentum does not carry week to week. You build momentum throughout the week based off your preparation and things you do throughout the week, studying and locking in on the keys. We just tried to mix it up on them, tried to give them a bunch of different looks. I think that's one of the big things, me and Kenny (Vaccaro) and the DBs all had a really good game. We're just trying to mix it up, kind of confuse them a little bit, and make them throw some interceptions. Just make them pay when they make some bad decisions.

(on cornerback Malcolm Butler's performance)

A guy like Malcolm (Butler), he's faced a lot of adversity his entire life. I just love the way he bounced back this game. Obviously, he felt like he didn't play his best ball against Minnesota, and he went out there and had two picks. That's just who he is. He's a guy who's going to fight and claw for everything he can get, so I'm definitely happy for him and the game he had today.