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S Kevin Byard


(on making plays to force Kansas City to turn the ball over and his forced fumble)

Trying to make plays, triggering on the quarterback on the scramble. All the time I was running over there, you know I was seeing bad, poor ball security. So I was thinking I could get close enough to try and hammer it out. And honestly it is something I work on weekly, working on weekly, and finally an opportunity to hammer the ball out, make a play for the team. It is just a great win.

(on what it says about the defense and how proud he is of holding Kansas City to a field goal)

It feels great, honestly it feels great. Probably since I have been here, the most complete win we have had from start to finish. Offense, defense, special teams just clicking on all cylinders. Just one of those things, many. It doesn't matter what you do previous weeks and stuff like that. Every single week you got to come out here and bring it, you got to prove it every single week so obviously we know how explosive that offense is, so to hold them to only three points you have to give a lot of credit to the defensive line. I mean, those guys were flying around, making plays, affecting the quarterback, forcing them into some mistakes and stuff like that. So, just hats off to my defense.

(on what it meant for the team to force turnovers)

It's incredible. I mean, when I am back there playing deep, I am watching those games, watching Nico (Denico Autry), Harold (Landry), and Jeff (Jeffery Simmons) and all those boys make plays. It's a great feeling. It's the type of stuff you love to watch. I mean, obviously, you know, kind of the lack of pass rush we had last year, to see those guys go hunting, just hunting, obviously it's a great feeling.

(on what was working well for the pass rush)

It was just understood that we had to come into the game and everything and we had to find a way to affect the quarterback, make some disguise coverages. Like you say, getting pressure on him, forcing him to make some mistakes and not give up the big play. I mean, obviously they got a couple of screens, got a couple of gadget trick plays, but we didn't give up anyhing big over the top of our heads and that was one of the biggest keys, just being physical. I think that is one thing that is not really talked about when we win games, you know people try to find all type of reasons why we are not going to win the next game or all that type of stuff, but they never talk about how physical we are as a team. Our offense, obviously with Derrick (Henry), they are going to be physical and it may not be pretty. I think I saw a stat last week that we have the most come-from-behind wins in the fourth quarter. That's because of the physicality and the way we play the game. It may not be pretty at first but toward the end of the game, that stuff wears on teams. So, like I said, it's great to have a win today.

(on if the team's confidence is higher after wins against two of the AFC's top teams)

Honestly our confidence is always high. There is not a team in this league that we don't feel we can't beat on any given Sunday. Power rankings, all that stuff doesn't really matter. If you come out here and you don't perform on Sunday, you are going to get your behinds whooped. But obviously, we know they are an explosive team and how great Kansas City is, but at the end of the day we felt like we can go out here and get a win and that's the bottom line. We don't really look at who's the best team here and there. They are not handing out Lombardi trophies in the middle of the season. So, we are not going to get caught up too much in this win, either. We are going to enjoy it tonight and get ready for a division match with the Colts on the road.

(on if was important for the defense to prevent a late Kansas City score)

Absolutely it was. I was on the sideline the whole time like, 'Don't let them score.' I was talking about that late in the third quarter. When we were on the field, I was saying we can't give up any more points. It's just not about just – it is about getting a W, don't get me wrong. But as a defense, no matter what the score is, they get three points, we are not letting them score again. We want to dominate people. That's the kind of mentality, the standard we need to have and now we put it on tape and we have to prove it every Sunday.

(on the team's performance despite the loss of several players to injury)

Yeah, I am talking about the resiliency of this team, and just – we talk about it even in the locker room. If you are up and you've got a jersey on, got shoulder pads on, you are going to be treated like a starter. So, you got a guy like (Greg) Mabin, who just got signed this week, played meaningful snaps. Nobody panics on the sideline. When they make a play, 'Hey, we are going to regroup, calm down, keep our composure and keep playing ball.' So, hats off to those guys, hats off to the defense, and hats off to the entire team because this is truly a team win

(on the role of being an underdog)

You see week in and week out, I don't think there is a game that we're not usually an underdog against, especially when we are talking about top teams. Since I have been here, I haven't a losing season since I have been in this league. So, we are a winning football team and things may not be pretty, might be 9-7 and all stuff like that, but we feel we can beat any team in this league and we are not trying to prove – no disrespect to the media, the world, or anybody around, that we are the best team. We are not trying to prove anybody wrong. We are trying to prove ourselves right because we know who we are in this building. We know we have the resiliency, just the confidence we play every single with and that's what I told the guys at the end of the game. We are just going to keep handling our business. We are not going to get caught up with this win, beating two great teams and now thinking of swelling ourselves a little bit. We are not even caught up in that. We are going to keep handling our business.

(on seeing the growth of the offense)

I think as the year goes on you play against different teams, gameplans are different, matchups and stuff like that. But I will say, it was great to see those guys start super fast. I know that is something they talked about early in the week that we had to start fast early in games. Honestly, just being on the sidelines watching those guys keep running the clock. I mean, I think before that last drive, time of possession really favored our way. So being on the sidelines, just chilling, keeping 15 (Patrick Mahomes) off the field is a great feeling for the defense.

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