S Budda Baker


(on the defense being effective early in the game)

Just because seeing the work we put in before the season and in training camp, you kind of know. You kind of know when everybody gets everything running, everybody does their job at a high premium, and you kind of can feel the greatness in a type of sense. This was nothing new for us.

(on Cardinals outside linebacker Chandler Jones' performance today)

I think it was epic. I think it was one for the ages. My last thing, you guys thought, you didn't know what Chandler (Jones) was going to be like, but for me it was kind of like I had to hold it in a little bit because I had seen what he was doing in practice each and every day. He's a technician. He's professional when it comes to pass rushing. He has that down. He knows what to do. Just to see that today bought smiles to my face for sure.   

(on Chandler Jones in practice)

He was doing a lot of stuff. He was getting sacks each and every play in training camp. You saw it. He trained so hard in the offseason. Him being one of my good friends, he trained spectacularly hard and I just knew what was going to come.

(on stopping the Titans' run game)

In the beginning they didn't really run very much. Once they started passing, that's when Chan (Chandler Jones) got the sacks. With that team, once you get a lead on them you have to force them to throw. They can't do their play action, they can't run the ball the way they want to, and then try to use those same running formation to throw the ball. You just couldn't do it. You just couldn't do it today. Our D-line did a heck of a job. Our D-line did so good. J.J. Watt, of course our edge rushers are going to be good. Corey Peters, you guys saw Corey, that was so exciting for me to see him in there back doing his Corey Peters dance. It was so, just for me, so fitting. I was so excited to see these guys play the way that the way they played today. It's just one week. Have a good time tonight but it's just one week.

(on the significance of coming in and winning today)

It is definitely good to get a W on the road. Each and every year teams are different. Playoff teams last year may not be playoff teams this year. That's how it works. Each and every year it is a new team, it's a new goal, it's a new week each and every week. Today we just played Cardinals football and hopefully you guys got a good watch today.

(on this being a statement game)

No, for us we knew what was going to come and it's just another game. One game today, we are good. Slash it off, erase it. Tomorrow we are back to playing the Vikings game two at home. That's definitely going to be exciting playing with the Red Sea with all the fans. No statement at all just 1-0. 1-0 mentality, take it one week at a time, one day at a time and we will go from there.