S Brandon Jones


(on getting to play after being on the reserve/COVID list and not being able to practice all week)

Yeah, obviously it's a little challenging for me because I'm really big on the physical reps, getting in practice and being able to have an overall routine. It kind of messed me up a little bit, but I just had to do more mentally when it came to watching film, asking my coach any questions if I had any and understanding the playbook. Just kind of took it day-to-day and didn't know the actual plan for today, but I got some playing time and it was good to be out there.

(on if he was symptomatic)

I was feeling a little under the weather kind of early on in the week, but when Wednesday rolled around, I was feeling good, had no symptoms and stuff, just still testing positive. At that point, all I could do was just kind of wait and see if I could either test out early, or with the new protocol just wait to get released after five days.

(on the unorthodox trip to Nashville)

Yeah, I traveled separately.

(on if it is possible for the season to still be a success without going to the postseason)

Yeah, I think for me, personally, making the playoffs is kind of in the rearview mirror. I'm really big on just focusing and taking it one game at a time. So obviously, just losing itself, regardless of the outcome, what it cost us, what it didn't cost us, I'm just really upset how we kind of played as a team. Just knowing how good we can be and when we're out there playing on the same accord, from offense, defense, to special teams, it's always frustrating when stuff doesn't go your way. Tennessee did a really good job overall gameplanning on all three phases. We just didn't execute.

(on what he thinks went wrong with the run defense)

Obviously, their coaches just put them in really good positions when it came to how to get everybody blocked up. The running backs did a really good job with hitting it, getting it vertical, even if it was stretch game and it was a designed run, outside zone run. They did a really good job with just seeing the hole and kind of making that first cut and getting up field. From a gameplan standpoint, I think they just did a really good job of executing and kind of making us struggle a little bit on the defensive side.