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These last couple of years, you guys turned it into something. Are you surprised it didn't end up with something?

In the moment, absolutely, but even when we came back on the field on defense and we had them backed up, we still had a chance there. But we jumped offside and let them drive down the field. So, I think there are certain points in the game we can point to for sure.

What's going through your mind about where you guys were six weeks ago to now?

It's hard to process in this moment. I definitely didn't think of an outcome where we'd be going home today.

You guys bring eight, nine guys and Derrick Henry is still breaking free. Is that a surprise?

It's unacceptable. That's not who we are. It hasn't been who we were all year. So to see it happen especially to start the game, it was tough and we were hoping guys would bounce back. I think we started to pick it up a little bit, but it was too late.

How disheartening was it? Because obviously at halftime, you did put an emphasis on trying to slow down their running game and then boom, the 69-yarder happens on the third or fourth play in the half.

That's been a theme all year. Get off the field when we get back out at halftime. Came up again, hard to know why right now.

The last six weeks, anything you can put your finger on as to what was different? What changes? Was it not enough focus? The lack of detail? What was it that caused this team to go from 8-3, to 9-8?

I've been thinking about it since it started. I can't say I know why, but I would say it's a mindset thing and it's an approach. I think there were times when practice was good and there were times where you approached the game the right way, but not enough collectively, and it kind of showed every time on gameday.

Do you guys have to learn a little bit to be a frontrunner? To handle expectations, whatever that encompasses, to be an elite team?

Absolutely. I think there's no beating around that bush. When you get success, you have to handle it properly. You can't let it get to your head. You can't approach life like you have success. You have to approach it the same way every day. You have to have humility. I take accountability for that as well. There's a way you have to handle success in this league because there's going to be so many things, like cameras in front of you, and accolades and money that comes with it. So, how do you handle it? I don't think we did a good job at it.

With the talent you guys have and what you guys have done the last two years, how much of a missed opportunity is it not going to the playoffs with this group?

It's ginormous. It's going to be a year where everybody is going to look back on their career and realize that we had a bunch of guys from top to bottom that can do it. We had an opportunity to do it today. When you get into the playoffs, anything can happen, and we didn't even give ourselves that chance.

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