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RB Tyjae Spears


How good to send Derrick (Henry) and Ryan (Tannehill) out this way with a win if this is the end?

That was big because those guys that, they contributed a lot to this program and this organization. That's definitely big.

It seemed like his (Derrick Henry) mindset was, if this is it, I'm going to go out with a bang. How about the way he ran today?

I feel like, as a running back, it be kind of tough sometimes. But I feel like he ran like that all year, I don't feel like he saved the best for last, but he did look really good today. It looked like he saved his best for last.

How about you saving the best for last, getting in the endzone twice?

I know. I think I did, but I'm going to give it up to the big boy.

This is the first time you and Derrick Henry scored in the same game. What did it feel like to have both of you going at once?

It kind of felt like we were going back-and-forth. I feel like my second one they should have gave to him but I don't call the plays.

On the touchdown catch, where did you learn those tightrope moves down the sideline?

I've been working on that all year. It just came to life today.

What would you say is one of the biggest things you've learned from playing with Derrick Henry this season?

That he's hard on himself. We've got to change each other from ourselves. He's very efficient, all the details matter. He asks what he could have did on every run to improve it, even if it was a good one. He's full of details.

You had some moments on the bench, obviously when you guys were down there and the defense is out there. Anything you kind of just embrace that being there next to Derric Henry here possibly for the last time with him?

Some people look at him as big, I look at him as my brother. So that's my brother. I don't see him as a superstar, I see him as a brother. It's definitely cool to be part of history with him whenever I can. That's my brother.

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