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RB Nyheim Hines


(on what he feels like the team's status is after starting 0-3*_)_*

It's a really good team, we just have to fight. 2018, we started out 1-5. That's why we have these guys in this room. A lot of teams may not be able to come back from this, but I think we are. So, we're going to look at ourself in the mirror. Yeah, we're 0-3, but this week we're 0-0, and our focus is on the Dolphins. We're going to look at the film, come in on Monday, bust our butts on Wednesday, and try to set the tone to win this game next week.

(on why the team keeps making the plays that bad teams make*_)_*

Really, it's just execution. The offense, in the red zone, we've got to execute. Frank (Reich) calls what he calls, and as the offense, no matter what he calls we have to execute. That's starting with everybody – offensive line, QBs, running backs, receiver – we have to execute. I think we played a great game for the most part, but the situational ball is where we need to execute better.

(on what he observed from quarterback Carson Wentz during the game*_)_*

He's tough as nails. Played a great game. We did all we could do to protect him. We had some big plays here and there, but we just have to make the 'gimme' plays. And sometimes you have to go out there and make a little something out of nothing. That's what good teams do.

(on getting the ball more today)

Hopefully it's like that every single week. I'm not a coach, I don't call the plays, but I know when I get out in space I can do everything in my power to help our team get better, and that's what I try and do every time.

(on if he's comfortable going to Head Coach Frank Reich and asking for more touches)

No, that's not really me. I won't do that. I trust Coach (Frank) Reich. He trusts me. He knows what I'm capable of. He's a playcaller, he knows what every person is capable of. He knows what I can do in space. He knows what JT (Jonathan Taylor) can do. He knows all of our strengths and weaknesses. I know Frank (Reich)'s going to get everything together, and he'll have a great gameplan like he did this week, and we're going to go out there and tackle Miami next week.

(on why the Colts got away from the run)

I don't know. I think probably it was a little bit of scheme. I think it was a little bit of their scheme too. We have plays where we can kill it. There were times when we had runs on, and we had a certain look, and we changed the play to a pass because of the defensive scheme. We had runs that were gameplanned, but sometimes it doesn't work out like that.

(on if the Titans were daring the Colts to pass)

No, it's a divisional game. I think truthfully, the Titans did some things that they haven't shown on film. They did a couple of things we haven't seen on film, so we were making adjustments on the fly and a great gameplan by them. They know what we do, we know what they do, so when they got some new wrinkles in it might have got us on a couple of plays.

(on if guys are more stunned or angry in the locker room)

I don't know. I'm pissed off. I'm angry, and I'm upset. I'm ready to go on Wednesday and work my butt off and set the tone for this week.

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