RB Nyheim Hines


Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

# # #

What do you think was the key for you in the running game today?
"Just making the most of the opportunity. Trusting what I see and trusting that big O-line and really just being patient and running where they are. That's really what was the key to the success tonight in the run game. All of us were really patient with our reads and made the right decisions."

Coach Tom Rathman went up to Coach Frank Reich early in the game and said to keep you in. Where did that come from? Was it because it was your birthday?

"I didn't know Rath (Tom Rathman) said that. Dang, that's cool. You know Rath, it's hard to earn a compliment from Rath. He's old school so that means a lot, but I really don't think he had anything to do with it. Every week I work hard, I prepare, and I really feel like each week I make the most of each opportunity. I touch the ball twice or three times, I feel like every game I some how make a play and try to have a positive impact on the team. That's how our team is. One week it may be JT (Jonathan Taylor). The next week it may be Jordan (Wilkins), then tonight it was me. We're hard to prepare for but really just have to make the most of the opportunity."

You haven't had as many birthdays as a lot of us have. Where does this rank on them?

"This is the best birthday ever. I've had surprise birthdays and a lot of things, but I've never played on my birthday. I've never had a game like this on my birthday. I was actually scared because it was either going to be a good game or a bad game. The Lord blessed me to have a great game. My 24th birthday is a birthday I will never forget for sure."