RB Michael Pittman Jr


Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

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What has been the key for you this last two games? It just feels like you're more confident or coming into your own.
"I think what it is, is when you get hurt it's more than just physical. I think that it took me the couple games to get my mindset back and just get that confidence back. Then I've just been out of football for four weeks, so I had to get back in shape. It's just a combination of things."

When was the last time you rushed the ball? Did you channel your dad (Michael Pittman Sr.) a little bit there?

"The last time I rushed the ball was when I was at USC. I just always watched him run and he ran hard, so I was just trying to push and pull and do whatever I could to get yards."

Do you feel like you're better in sync with Philip Rivers right now?

"Absolutely, and that just comes with being in this offense because we didn't get preseason games, so we were kind of throw into the fire quick. Now, I feel like our offense is really starting to gel."