RB Jonathan Taylor


When you got the touchdown to force the overtime, how much momentum were you guys playing with at that point?

"It was huge momentum. Like you said, we drove down the field, we were able to score a touchdown, tie it up and send it into overtime. It's huge momentum. A lot of people might think that we might have been finished with, but being able to go down there and score that touchdown was a huge point in the game."

To that point, how much resilience had you guys proven to take it to that point?

"I think it proved a lot. Like I said, a lot of people might have thought that the game might have been over. It just shows the type of players that we have, the type of fight that we play with each and every single down."

From your perspective, what happened on that Carson Wentz interception?

"A lot of things breaking down. It's on all of us. It's not just on Carson (Wentz). Everyone has to be in their spots, the timing has to be correct, pass-pro has to be on a hundred. There is a lot of things that go into it, and it doesn't just fall on Carson's (Wentz) shoulders."