RB Jamie Harper Conference Call


(on how much he knows about the Titans and if he thinks there is an opportunity for a big back like him with the team)

Definitely, with the running backs the Tennessee Titans have, just being able to come in there and give it and to be able to play with a running back as great as Chris Johnson. I'm going to try to make the best out of the situation.

(on if he has followed Chris Johnson)

Oh, yeah. I watched him in college. He came from Orlando—just feel like a kid looking up to these guys.

(on if the ability to catch the ball has improved in his game)

I always try to better myself in every way possible. Running routes out of the backfield and slide to the outside, being able to be a complete dynamic player. You always try to get better at the little things and do the best you can to help your team. That's what coaches want out of me a little more. That's what I strive to put my potential toward. I try to make it work and it comes out as a success.

(on playing fullback and blocking defensive ends)

I have no problem doing that. It's to help the team, whether to pass protect or run block, pretty much anything.

(on if this is where he expected to go in the draft)

They gave me an opportunity with the organization and I'm going to take advantage of it.

(on how much interest the Titans showed him in the draft process)

At the combine they showed me a lot. I was off the radar; people didn't think I was coming out. Not too much, but they showed me some.

(on if he is excited to play with Chris Johnson)

I don't know him personally but he's from Florida. Just being up there with him and watching him, the way he carries the ball and the dynamic he brings to the game, he is just crazy. So to be up there with a guy like that is sort of like being with CJ (Spiller) at Clemson. It's a blessing.

(on hanging out with all the CJ's)

I don't know. I guess God is trying to tell me something.

(on when he ran a 4.53 in the 40)

At my pro day.

(on if he thinks he can beat Chris Johnson in a race)

I won't back down from a challenge, but I'm not stupid either.

(on who he is watching the draft with)

My family. We are out here hanging out and barbecuing and doing the family thing. Everybody is just shooting the breeze and having a good time.

(on being familiar with LP Field after playing a bowl game there)

It was cold. We watched the Titans play the Chargers with Chris Johnson and LaDanian Tomlinson going at it. That was my first real cold experience. I have played in a cold game but it was cold. I ended up having an outstanding game helping our team win the bowl game. That was my first bowl game. It was a great experience in Tennessee.

(on if he's comfortable having the ball in his hands on a third-and-one or a third-and-two)

Definitely, I like to have the ball in my hand every time, but that's just a playmaker speaking. We always want the ball. I feel comfortable in any situation having the ball in my hands and being able to make a play to try to help my team.

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