RB Duke Johnson


(on the field and elements affecting the game)

I mean, nothing major really. It was a field. It wasn't the best field, but it wasn't the worst. Both teams played on the same field, so it was cool.

(on the frustrations of the offensive miscues)

I won't say frustrating. Disappointed in a sense, because we know what we're capable of doing on offense. But at the end of the day, it's about going out there and performing and doing it on Sundays. We practice all week. We do what we're supposed to do, but we didn't execute today.

(on the disconnect on offense)

Not finishing drives. We just didn't finish our drives. We had some drives where we strung along good plays. We got down there, we just didn't finish. Again, like I said, we had a great week of practice and did what we're supposed to do. We just didn't turn it over to today.