RB Derrick Henry


How good was it to have so much success in the run game today?

"Credit to those guys up front and all the guys blocking, O-line, receivers, tight ends, full backs. Just making the sacrifice to be able to block and have the will too for us to have success and be able to go out there and make a play. I give all the credit to them. I just had to go out there and do my job. Just happy we were able to get the win and win as a team."

Did you know at a certain point that the Texans defense wasn't going to be able to stop you guys?

"I wasn't really worried about that. Not about them, but us just doing our job and what we need to do to have success in the run game, and when the play is called to execute and do all the things we need to do to get down field and score points. We did that at the line of scrimmage, and we were able to gain some yards and make some plays out there."

OL Ben Jones and your offensive line said they take it personal for you to break the record for the most 200-yard rushing performances. What does it mean to you that they take that so seriously?

"I mean, they were the ones that made it happen, so I would hope they take pride in that, because without them I wouldn't have the success I've had. Our relationship, we just come together and stick together through anything, though any adversity. I told them I got their back, and they got my back, so just sticking through it. Ben (Jones) is a great leader on this team, great leader for the O-line room, somebody that I always try to pick his brain. Just happy that we were able to have some success today. They did a great job."

Do you feel like the offensive line has taken a jump to the next level?

"Yeah, always happy to see hard work pay off. Those guys have been working hard all throughout the season, even through the ups and downs. They just stay with it and continue to work hard. Like we always say, as long as you put the work in it'll happen for us. Those guys been doing that. There is a lot of stuff to build off and a lot of stuff to get better at."

Did you say anything to QB Malik Willis before the game and how do you think he performed today?

"I just told him to go out there and just play. We got his back. No matter what happens, just stick to it and we'll all stick together. I was happy for him to get out there and have his first NFL game. I wanted to help him get a touchdown, but he wasn't able to get in there. Hopefully he'll get another opportunity. But just happy for him to go out there and be able to lead us and get the win and do everything we needed to do to get the job done. I told him my first year I wasn't great and I wasn't the best, but as time goes on you learn and get more experience. I think he'll be special as time goes on."

Were you impressed by QB Malik Willis' poise and maturity in his first start?

"Yeah, for sure. The game, it's fast out there. I told him to stay calm, poised. I was trying to preach that to him all week. Just go out there and play. That's what he had to do to help us get the job done. I'm proud of him for it."

What's it like when the entire stadium knows you're going to run the ball and you're still able to do it?

"I think that's our identity and culture. Coach preaches physicality, effort, and finish, details, fundamentals, and we all take pride in that. How we want to play in our culture and mindset, mentality in the run game and what we want to do. Having attention to detail each and every play and having the will to go out there and do it and execute."

How close does it feel to previous seasons when you are able to take over games like this?

"The previous season has nothing to do with right now. You know, we take week by week; get better, as the week goes on. We go out there and try and execute on Sunday. Can't live in the past. That's done and over with. Just focus on the right now and try to get better."

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