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RB Derrick Henry


Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020

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Q. What's the feeling after running 94 yards? Are you out of breath? Do you need oxygen on the sideline? Are you just amped from the excitement? What was the reaction on the sideline after that run?

DERRICK HENRY: We scored. I mean, you got to think about this, 94 yards, anyone is going to be a little winded. No, just a great job by everybody up front. I just had to do my job and was able to take it 94 to put us up in the game.

Q. Derrick, on the overtime run, just if you could take us through what you saw as you get the snap and what you're looking at and how that run was executed.

DERRICK HENRY: Just a Wildcat play inside the zone, going to the right. Just look at the defense, by the way they were forming, our guys were blocking, gap back side. Just tried to get vertical and got in the end zone. Did a great job blocking. Hats off to my teammates. I just had to go do my job.

Q. Was there a value at the goal line that you just figured, okay, the only way I'm getting in is basically to run over these guys?

DERRICK HENRY: I mean, that's all I had to do to get in the end zone, so that is what I was going to do. Thank God I got in there.

Q. Derrick, a day like this, I know your teammates have been talking after the game of seeing you do some of these things that even surprises them at times. Did you get enjoyment looking up at the board or anything like that? Do you take enjoyment in some of the plays that you're making?

DERRICK HENRY: No. I'm praising my teammates. Those guys are incredible. Other guys make plays. Wasn't me. I just had to go out there and do my job. A lot of guys were big in critical moments, all my teammates. Just happy to be on this team, happy to be part of this organization. We're 5-0 playing good team football no matter what. No matter how the game is going, we're going to stay together and finish games. Just happy to be on this team. All my teammates are doing an incredible job, and hats off to them. Ain't nothing about me.

Q. To follow up on that, the play to drive there, that two-point conversion failed and then you guys respond with the drive, the pass to AJ, to give yourselves a chance to get into overtime. How key was that drive yet again for this franchise?

DERRICK HENRY: Just big-time football by Ryan (Tannehill) and A.J. (Brown), and all the other receivers, Firks (Anthony Firkser), Adam Humphries, even J-Mac (Jeremy McNichols) had a hell of a game. This guy is just making big plays in critical moments, and the moment's never too big for them. A.J. (Brown), that's what he was brought here to do and that's what he's going to do week in and week out, making big plays. Hats off to him and Ryan (Tannehill). Incredible job.

Q. Derrick, you've seen this franchise kind of totally change from the time you got here to the point you are now. I know it's only five games in, but just how proud are you of what you have been able to accomplish so far?

DERRICK HENRY: We don't get too high. Going to keep the underdog mentality. We know we're 5-0. It's hard to win in this league. We appreciate being 5-0, but we don't get too high. We focus on what we need to focus on, enjoy this win, and get ready for the Steelers on Monday.

Q. And on the 94-yard run, pre-snap looked it like Ryan checked into something. What was going on there that led ultimately to you being able to score on that play?

DERRICK HENRY: Won't go into much in detail. Just know that we hiked the ball, handed it off to me, and we went 94.

Q. Derrick, you guys had tried the screen pass a few times before hit there for 53 yards to set up a score. What worked differently and what sprung you free there on that one?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, we actually tried to hit it earlier in the game, but J.J. Watt being J.J. Watt, he knocked the ball down. Was happy to be able to get that look again. DB was able to get up field and put us down field and in a good position to score. Great job by Ryan (Tannehill) getting the ball out. Just had to go do my job.

Q. When you talk to Coach Dews about you, Dews just says that all the credit goes to you. Today we saw two of the things you work on with him come to fruition: the stiff arm, angle and also the catch and run on the screen pass. How much has Tony Dews helped you just develop and hone your skills?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, he's helped me a lot, helped me stay around and keeps me on my toes. Never let me get too high, never let me get too low. Just always pushing me. Always, always pushing me. All he knows is hard work, so that's what he's going to demand out of his players. Each and every day you got to come to work and be ready to work. That's his approach every single day. There is not one day that he doesn't expect you to come to work no matter how you're feeling, what the situation is. That's all he knows. That's just how he is.

Q. I don't know if you know it, but you hit 21.6 miles per hour on that run. That's pretty good for someone your size especially. What was clicking for you?

DERRICK HENRY: That's too slow. I need to get to 22. But guys just wanted to dominate the line of scrimmage. They did a great job of that. Hats to the offensive line. Those guys don't get enough credit. Did a great job and I just had to go out there and do my job. All those guys did a great job blocking, receivers, tight ends, fullbacks, I can't say it enough. Just had to go out there and do my job. And hats off to J-Mac (Jeremy McNichols). He don't show up in the stats that much, but he does a great job for us, coming in on third down, picking up blitzes, making critical plays throughout the game, running hard, finishing runs. So just proud of all my teammates.

Q. How much more than a game manager is Ryan Tannehill? And as a follow-up to that, is it crazy to say he belongs in the early conversation about MVP?

DERRICK HENRY: MVP, MVP. Let's start the campaign right now. We ain't going to get too high, but MVP, I think he should be that conversation, definitely.

Q. Were you looking up at the scoreboard as a rearview mirror on the long run? Do you do that often, or were you just checking if anybody might have miraculously been closing in from behind?

DERRICK HENRY: I'm looking at the end zone. I never look at the scoreboard when I'm running. I'm looking at the end zone.

Q. At what point when you broke into the open field did you sense that you were gone? Do you feel guys around you or behind you and know whether you're pulling away?

DERRICK HENRY: Thing you need to know about me, I'm looking forward. If you're in my vision, I'm trying to run past you, run through you, or make you miss. I'm going to the end zone. That's all I'm focused on. When I see grass, I'm thinking, 'Let's go.'

Q. This team obviously operates under some high stress situations. At the end of the drive in regulation and again in overtime where you got to be perfect, what's the feeling of euphoria when you win in a walk-off like you did?

DERRICK HENRY: I don't think no moment is too big for us. You know, Coach (Vrabel) said, 'Just stay in the rhythm.' It always stuck with me. I think what guys do is just stay in the rhythm. Don't let it get too high, get too overwhelmed. Just focus on finishing. That's our mentality no matter what happens or what momentum shift as far as each team. We just focus on finishing, and then when we get an opportunity, we want to go score as an offense. Defense did a hell of a job, too. We just want to play complete football as a team.

Q. Derrick, we've seen you pull off some pretty good accomplishments on the field, and each time I would say the response you tend to be more actions than words. I'm curious, what is it in your background that makes you that way?

DERRICK HENRY: What do you mean?

Q. In terms of you don't brag on yourself; you could.

DERRICK HENRY: Because it can be here today and gone tomorrow. I'm tremendously blessed. God has blessed me tremendously, me and my family, so I'm appreciative every day I get to wake up and live my dream. A lot of guys don't get an opportunity like this so I'm just thankful, man. My grandmother always told me to be humble. All my family. Just work hard and do your job and everything else will take care of itself.

Q. Ty Sambrailo came in for Taylor and had a rough start. I noticed in the last couple drives looked like he had a couple big blocks I think both on your runs. Did you notice them, and then a pretty good example of a guy bouncing back, showing a little resilience here?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, I was not worried at all. He'll come in and play well. That's going to happen. Sometimes you get mistakes in the game and you got to let that play go and go play. Any time you're a starter anyway. He always come in and plays well.

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