RB Derrick Henry


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020

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Q. Derrick, I wonder what you've seen over the last, over the last 12 games he's got over a thousand yards and 12 touchdowns, A.J. Brown, how you have seen him mature and grow as a player and become a dominant guy.

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, it's his approach to the game and how he practices. It just translates to the game, and he wants to be a playmaker, make plays on offense, do anything he can to help the team win and it's just showing up on game days.

Q. After two losses in a row and then some significant roster moves this week, how do you feel like the team handled the adversity?

DERRICK HENRY: I think we just had to believe in what we do and our standard and go out there and play like we know how to play. And I think that the defense did a great job today. Offense, we need to do better, but it starts from everything that's been going on. They just came out and played lights out and had fun and executed everything that they wanted to do.

Q. It looked like also you were on the sideline a little bit more in the first half than we're accustomed to. With the quick turnaround Thursday night, how hard is that for you to kind of accept?

DERRICK HENRY: I can't really speak on anything like that. When I'm out there I try to make plays and do the best I can to help my team. And so I let the coaches do what they do and what they feel is best for the team. I'm going to go out there when I'm out there playing and do what I can to help us win.

Q. The defense has had a lot of struggles this year. You guys on offense have bailed them out quite a bit. How good was it to see those guys step up and get the job done for you today?

DERRICK HENRY: Just excited and happy to see those guys having fun, just flying around making plays and making stops and just playing free, just playing together. That's all you want as a team in all three phases.