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RB Derrick Henry


You talked about coming off the field eight years. It sounds like you would expect to maybe be somewhere else. If you are, what to way to go out with a win and 153 yards?

I was just staying in the moment. It's been a great eight years. I've grown. A lot has happened in these eight years. I turned thirty, I'm in year eight, and had my daughter during these eight years. I've grown as a person and player. I've had great teammates, great coaches, and the fans have kept faith through it all. So, I'm just so thankful for them. I know how I worded it probably got blown out of proportion a little bit. But it was one of those speeches showing love to the fans.

Was that spur of the moment deal or have you thought about doing that? How do you think it went off?

They told me after the game they wanted me to say something on the jumbotron. It was just from the heart, off the top, and I freestyle it a little bit. I did good it felt like.

Did it feel like a little bit of a throwback game? You got back to yourself and with Ryan (Tannehill) back there and the style of the game, it was a lot like the best of what you guys have done together.

Yeah, it was definitely fun. It felt like the old days again. Definitely a great way to go out. Especially against a division opponent. An opponent that I grew up down the street watching and looking at as a kid growing up. So, it was all kind of full circle. It feels great to finish with a win and finish with class like Coach (Vrabel) said.

How much do you feel like your teammates are out there fighting for you? Whatever the future might be, it felt like collectively you guys were really putting it on.

Everybody had good energy. We had great energy all week. I knew if we came out there and play our style and execute, be able to get into drives, then we give ourselves a chance. Hats off to everybody doing their part and helping us get the W.

What was going through your mind when you heard those, "Henry, Henry, Henry" chants?

It felt good. It felt like 2018 again when it first all started. It's very cool to be able to experience that. Knowing that they did that same thing for Eddie (George), who I idolize a lot. It's cool to have that relationship with the fans.

What did that big run feel like? It's been a while since you had a big, big run like that. What led to it and what did it feel like?

On the play before, we had a look, probably should have cut back then, but I knew if they called it again it was going to be there. It opened up, and I was able to get down the field. I should have scored, I'm getting old. But I was glad we were able to execute it.

Did you plan that entrance when you came into the stadium there, blowing the kisses to the fans, or was that spur of the moment too?

I was thinking about what I was going to do to show my love and to show my grace. I just wanted the love to be recognized.

Ryan (Tannehill) said you guys had some words before heading out of the tunnel, what was in that conversation?

We said, "One last time." That's my brother. I love Ryan (Tannehill) man. The last five years we've been together. We have helped each other through adversity. To be able to experience these five years and the things we've accomplished. Ultimately, we didn't get it done. But there's a lot of things we can be happy about. His wife and my girl, they're close. My little girl loves his kids. So, (Ryan) Tannehill's always going to be close with me.

When will you start to sort things out about your future and what you want to do next?

After this, I'm about to go get me a Jack Brown's burger, for sure. I'm going to have a good time with that. I think we're going to do something together. The O-line and everybody else on the team, we'll go take a trip and have fun with that. (I'll) come back, relax a little bit, pack up, and probably head to Dallas. I'm not going to get too caught up in it too much. Just going to enjoy a little bit of time off, continue my workouts, and continue to do my normal things. When that time comes, I'll figure it out then.

How are you looking at (free agency) right now?

This is my first time actually being a free agent. I got tagged the first time, but I was able to negotiate something after that. I don't know what it's like, it's my first time actually being a free agent. I'm going to enjoy the time, talk to guys around the league who have experienced it before and get some advice. Talk to my team and go from there.

Would you come back here if the opportunity presented itself?

Like I said earlier, any player would love to play for one franchise for their whole career. Us getting so close like we did and not finishing it, that's always going to be in the back of your mind. I want to bring a Super Bowl here really bad. That's one of my main goals. No matter how I do in the season, I just want to bring one here. Who knows what will happen, but at the end of the day any player would want to play for one organization for their whole career.

What needs to happen for you guys to reach that goal of the Super Bowl roster wise?

That's a little bit out of my pay grade. I felt like in 2019, when we got to the AFC Championship, I felt like we were solid from top to bottom. I felt like even during the regular season, when things weren't going right or we had a bad game, I could look to my left or my right knowing that, in the face of adversity, the guy next to me is going to answer. So, it's a grown man's business and that's what it comes down to. On both sides of the ball, if it needed to be somebody held accountable, nobody went in their feelings about anything, nobody was judgmental. Everybody just knew we needed to step up. We have a lot of young guys on this team, and with experience, you just to grow and evolve with the game. We have to be solid from top to bottom. We have to have some vets that are willing to lead, willing hold people accountable, and I think that's what it all comes down to. I don't know what the future is, I'm just very thankful for these eight years.

How important was it for you guys to help DeAndre Hopkins get his incentives?

I wanted D Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) to get that. I'm one of the main reasons he came here. I was very vocal to him during the offseason to get him here. I'm thankful I was able to play with him. It was good to see him go and get those incentives. It shows that he is still one of the greatest receivers in the league and has plenty more in the tank and I think you all saw that this season as well. Very happy for him.

Regardless of what happens next season, what has it meant to you to accomplish all that you have, the Pro Bowls, the records, in this uniform with that Titans logo up to this point?

It means a lot to me. It wasn't just individually that I accomplished all these things. I had a lot of teammates that helped me accomplish all of those accomplishments and coaches as well. I definitely want to thank my equipment staff, Matt (Thompson), Joey (Barranco), Jerome (Kline), David Maynor, Jordan (Middleton), Justin (Bridgmon), and Tre (Reid) who contribute that nobody sees to make sure I have what I have, and I am ready to roll on game days. Our security, Jeb (Johnston), that's my main man. Him and John (Alberston) making sure I'm set with anything I need, anything I have questions about, and making me feel at home as possible, so I want to thank them as well. The kitchen staff, Elon (Washington) and her staff, Jeff (Stella), Johnny (Woods), Pam (Whitside), Miss Maryland (Smith), Chris (Parnell), all of them making sure I have everything I need and all our teammates, because I'm very specific on what I eat in the morning, and Bob, making sure I have my avocados every morning. I want to say I appreciate them. To the cleaning staff, Lyncoya (Majors), Johnny ("Hometown"), LeRoy, cleaning that locker room when it smelt like the Nashville Zoo. Even Robbie (Bohren), waiting on me two hours after the game. Dwight (Spradlin), Puff (Jared Puffer), my guy. I'm just thankful for everybody that's been a part of this journey, like you said with the accomplishments that I have had, they play a big part in that. Just want to thank everybody. Nate (Bain) with social media and Donald (Page) with the pictures, making sure I looked dripped out when the pictures were posted. I'm just thankful for everybody and thankful to everyone who helped me get to where I am. Even Jim (Wyatt), with the great articles and making sure that everything you put out made me look professional. (You are) a great guy in this community, and everything you represent. I think you are a great guy and I think the world of you. I hope one day you get a chance to write that article about the Titans winning a Super Bowl.

Do you understand, when it's all said and done, you could be one of the biggest sports figures in this entire city? Because I know you are not all about you all the time, but it's pretty incredible.

It's been some greats to come through here, so it's hard for me to put my name above those guys. If you consider me as one of the greats, I appreciate it. But I feel like there's still a lot for me to do to be considered with those guys. It's been humbling. Guys certainly have been good to me throughout my career. It never goes the way you want it to, but I feel like it always comes at the right time. Just thankful for everything.

When you run through the things that are going to be on the list: the legacy, the number of carries you will be able to get, winning, the contract, how are you going to stack those priorities?

When that time comes, we'll evaluate and see what makes sense. I'm not getting younger. I want a ring; I want to win a Super Bowl. I didn't win state in high school, so I said before I leave college, I have to get a national championship. I'm in year eight now, so the Super Bowl is definitely my next goal. That's where I want to get. So, wherever that comes and whoever can help get close to that, that's what we're going to do.

What's been your favorite moment in your time here?

Jacksonville (Jaguars), 99 yards (touchdown). That's when it all started. The team I grew up with, (we were) going up against.

Did you think you had another 99-yarder in you today?

I sure hoped so. I was looking.

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