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RB Derrick Henry


(on displaying offensive balance)

We got in the end zone. Guys made plays and that is all you can ask for. I think we want to be better, we need to be better at it. We definitely pay attention to and get better at it. Overall man, just happy we were able to get a bunch of it.

(on the importance of driving for a touchdown on the first possession)

We definitely wanted to come out and have a strong drive, finish in the end zone. I was glad we definitely did that. It got momentum going and we were able to put drives together into the end zone. Guys making plays, guys finishing blocks, getting downfield so definitely happy where we were early.

(on remaining even-keeled after two wins over prominent AFC teams)

Definitely two tough teams who have been a force in the AFC for a couple of years now. Just enjoy these wins, take it week by week, don't get too overwhelmed by what's going on. Just believe in what we do and then get ready to come back to work and get better.

(on if he was excited about throwing a touchdown pass)

It was definitely cool. Definitely happy that we were able to execute it and get in the end zone. MyCole (Pruitt) made a good catch. I was happy I was able to get it over the top soe he could catch it.

(on what he saw different in Kansas City's defense today compared to from 2019)

I don't really get too much in that, but they did a great job against the run. They played hard all game. They have vets over there that have a lot experience in that scheme and do a great job. I felt like they did a great job today stopping the run, doing whatever they can, giving themselves a chance.

(on what he was most proud of about the offensive effort)

I guess just having momentum and kept it going. That's always a great feeling. You know, getting in drives, finishing drives, things going the way you want to as an offense. Everybody is being able to make plays. That is all you want as an offense, is everybody getting opportunities and taking advantage of them.

(on not getting too carried away with the two consecutive wins)

Just take it one win at a time, don't get too overwhelmed. Enjoy this one, come in and watch the film and be ready to get better, and when it is time to get ready for the next one, get ready.

(on the team displaying complementary football)

Yeah, I thought the defense played great. They did a great job, played hard all four quarters. Special teams did a great job, plus the offense got the ball in the end zone, finishing drives. That's all you want, then play complementary football in all three phases and then let the momentum carry over and see the things you can improve on and get ready for that.

(on the offensive line battling through injuries)

Yeah man, those guys just stay prepared, staying ready, staying locked in all game. When it is an opportunity for them to come in, just come in and do your job. I feel like those guys did that. Just showed up for preparations through the week and I thought they did a good job.

(on being surprised with the score at end of first half)

Yeah, the mentality for it is whatever the score is, it's still 0-0, and you've got to go out there and finish the game in the second half. We have seen games where they have been down a lot and came back. So, we just focus on coming back out and keeping the momentum going, putting drives together and playing complementary football.

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