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RB Derrick Henry


Derrick, how good was it just to get out here and find a way to win this one?

Yeah, a great win, a great team win. (We) stuck together through it and got a victory and you know that's always good. Everybody's always happy. 

You like seeing the pass game step up like that? Because it was obvious that they were keying on you trying to keep you from running the ball all day.

Yeah, very happy of guys to be able to, you know, guys get up and catch some balls and make some big plays for us. Ryan (Tannehill) did a great job. Credit to those guys and just happy to see it all come together and just guys make some plays and some touchdowns. 

How big was it for you guys when after the turnover the defense gets a stop and gives you an opportunity to go back down?

They have been playing lights out and play with full effort, relentless, and we've got to do our part and go out there and put points on the board. But (the) defense has been playing lights out.

You guys are that kind of find ways to win when you don't necessarily play your best, you feel like you're in that stage of the season where you've got to play better, even in the weeds, to be ready for what's coming in January?

Yeah, I think you've just got to continue to focus, continue to want get better as a team in all three phases and then just let everything come together and just keep stacking and trying to get better each and every day.

You have played this Thursday game before, what is the challenge coming off a Sunday and trying get ready to play now in four days?

I think you just watch the film on this game and get past it, and then do everything you need to get your body ready. Prepare all week, quick turn around and get ready for Thursday. 

What was their defense doing to slow you down?

They just played well and had a lot of them in the box, and I've got to play better. No excuses, but I could have done a lot better than what I did. Just watch film, make corrections and learn from it. 

You were in and out of the tent a couple of times. What was going on there?

I went to the bathroom. 

The flea flicker, obvious that is something you guys had worked on when you…could you tell they bit on it and you could get a sense that maybe that you could hit a home run on that one?

When I saw it come up, I was hoping. I made a good toss to Ryan (Tannehill) and saw it was open, it was wide open and got a touchdown. Made a special play. 

On that play, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine's eyes kind of lit up when that play was first called. What was going through your mind when that play was first called?

Once I threw it, I looked, and it was wide open. Saw it was going to be a touchdown when he caught the ball. I mean, Nick (Westbrook-Ikhine) works hard and he loves his team and whatever he can (do to) help us win, and just happy for him. He was able to make some plays today.

Coach Vrabel talks about it all the time, we hear about the ton of players now out with injuries all through the season, but to be able to step up without some of those key starters tonight. What does that say just about the resiliency of this team?

We can't wait to get those guys back. I think the guys went in there and played hard and showed how hungry they are, how focused they are to details and how ready they are to make a play to help us win, and credit to those guys.

Ben Jones talked about the quick turnaround this week and he said a quick turnaround always been easier after a win. Why do you feel that way?

I mean, you lose and you know each other. It's hard to get over a loss, but when you win, you can make the corrections and move forward and get ready for the next one.

What happened on the play with Malik (Willis) on the fumble?

I mean, it was a bad exchange and I'm not really sure. I've got to watch the film, but you know just made a mistake and we will learn from it and get better at it.

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