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RB Derrick Henry


(on if it is hard for him to believe the season is over)

Yeah, this one hurts bad.

(on what the offseason will be like)

For me, just getting ready to pack up and go to Dallas and start training again, and I am sure everybody will refuel from this. Just get better the whole offseason and see what happens.

(on how he felt coming back)

I felt good. I tried the best I can to contribute, do my part to help.

(on being disappointing on not being able to gain a yard on a pair of opportunities)

Yeah, by far disappointed to just come up short at anything. It will definitely play in the back of my mind all year, every day till we play again.

(on what it was like in the locker room knowing this was the final game)

Everybody is just stunned. We all didn't expect this and didn't want it to happen. We enjoy being around each other, enjoy playing and being a team. We go out there and fight each and every week and came up a little short today. Just stings, it hurts.

(on if it was a matter of lack of execution on offense)

We didn't play well enough. We didn't play to our standard on what we preach and how we want to play. We do things like that against a good team, they take advantage of it, and they were able to today.

(on if he felt he was getting into a groove as game progressed)

Yeah, I felt good. I was ready to do whatever. I mean, I felt like myself.

(on not reaching the goal of winning a Super Bowl)

Yeah, that said it perfect, pretty much it. We had high expectations and wanted to get it done this year. Shocked that I am talking to you about this right now, I didn't expect to do this, and we all didn't.

(on if he believes team has what it takes to reach the ultimate goal)

Yeah, we definitely have what it takes, but just you can't in this league, can't have turnovers, and you've got to finish drives all together on offense and play outstanding football. We just didn't pick it up today.

(on the team continuing its habit of coming back in games)

We are always confident we have the opportunity to go win the game. We are always confident, ready to go make a play and give ourselves a chance to take the lead and possibly win the game.

(on what he says to quarterback Ryan Tannehill after a tough game)

Yeah, I mean, just felt there is nothing you can do about it now. Just let it fuel you, just the mindset of getting better the whole offseason. That's my mindset, come back ready to work. It over with, there is no reason to dwell on it now. Just let it fuel you for the next time.

(on what he takes from this season with all that he has been through)

I am appreciative of every journey every year and definitely a tough year, definitely different for me, and was happy to just to be able to have the chance to get back and come up and contribute. I missed being with the team. You know, I missed playing ball. For me to have the opportunity to get back, just thankful for our surgeon, thankful for our whole training staff, thankful for the people I work with outside the facility to help me get back. God is good and it just truly a blessing to have this opportunity.

(on the confidence level of the team going into today's game)

Everybody was feeling good. You know, we had fun all week. We were working, paying attention to detail each and every day. We felt good coming in, but we just didn't play to our standard.

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