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RB Derrick Henry


(on his performance today)

How did I perform? We won, that is all that matters.

(on the players that stepped up in today's game)

It was great. That just shows their preparation throughout the week, coming out there and stepping in and making plays when we needed them. All the credit goes to them.

(on winning the game with three turnovers)

It is always tough to get a win when you have three turnovers, but we stayed with it and battled. Guys made plays when they needed to be made and it is great to come out with a win against a divisional opponent. It is always tough to play against the Colts, they fight till the end, so it was great to get a win today.

(on the play where he and Colts linebacker Darius Leonard collided)

What do you want to know about that? I mean, I caught the ball, got up field and tried to finish forward, that is all there is to it. Unfortunately, I mean, everyone has seen it.

(on his larger role in the passing game)

I am just trying to take advantage of the opportunities, being available if Ryan (Tannehill) is looking to throw it to me, catch the ball and get the ball up the field and get try to get the most out of the play as I can.

(on tackle Taylor Lewan and his game today)

I thought he did a great job, I thought the line did a great job. They were all up in there and those guys did a great job of trying to finish, pushing piles forward, and me being able to go out there and gain some yards and do my job. Those guys came out and played hard with what was presented from their defense.

(on quarterback Ryan Tannehill and what goes through his mind when Tannehill runs the ball)

Slide. He doesn't do it, but that is who he is. He wants to get in there and get the tough yards and he does a great job doing it.

(on how much it helps when Ryan Tannehill is able to run the ball)

It helps us as an offense, driving it down the field and getting into drives. It is momentum when trying to get into the end zone, so we all love it whenever we get the positive play. Especially when he gets out of the pocket and moves the ball down the field.

(on how much he liked head coach Mike Vrabel going for the two-point conversion)

I like what he likes. That is what he wanted, and we had to go out there and execute and I am glad we got in there.

(on seeing a variety of different teammates scoring touchdowns)

I always enjoy those guys getting into the end zone. Those guys work hard, they do a lot of things behind the scenes that no one sees throughout practice. For them to get in the end zone, getting that payoff, it is always fun and a joy to me to see those guys get into the end zone and see how happy they are.

(on players stepping up and making plays after their teammates get hurt)

I loved it. That just speaks about their preparation throughout the week. Working hard throughout the week, then when it comes to the game, making those plays. Hats off to those guys just preparing, working, and studying all week, and going out there today making plays when they need to be made.

(on how critical today's win was especially against a divisional opponent)

Not really worried about them. It is what we need to do as a team, and come out, get a win against a divisional opponent, a tough opponent. Now sitting at 2-1, we've got some momentum going. We are going to watch film, make some corrections, get ready for next week and let that carry over and see where it takes us.

(on if games against the Colts are more physical)

They are always physical. They are a physical team, we are a physical team. We pride ourselves on being physical and they do the same. It is always a physical battle when we play those guys.

(on the turnovers today)

You never want to shoot yourself in the foot. That is football, you have to play the next play. Things like that are going to happen, it is always about how you persevere through the adversity. I am glad we did today as a team and got a win.

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