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RB Derrick Henry


Q. What was going on in the locker room after Ryan left the game?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, I mean, you never want to see one of your teammates get hurt. All you want to do is just wish the best for them. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Hopefully be able to recover quick and get back with us.

Q. At what point did you know he might not be able to finish?

DERRICK HENRY: I really didn't know. I mean, I knew he was hurt a little bit during the game but I didn't know how serious he was until he came out of the game.

Q. How do you feel like the game was turning in the second half, and how do you explain the sluggish start?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, I feel like we had momentum in the second half. Put some plays together. And, you know, we just didn't finish most of them with six points in the end zone. That's just on us for execution, and they were the better team.

Q. Do you feel like you were having an identity crisis there? It seems like you can't hang your hat on some of the things you have in the past.

DERRICK HENRY: No, I'm not getting into all that. I mean, we lost the game. We lost two straight.

Go back to the drawing board. Stick together. Because all it is, is us, and you know, we're the ones that got to go out there and work every single day, trust, believe in one another. Ain't pointing a finger at nobody. We're just holding each other accountable and know what we have got to do to turn it around.

Q. Do you think the bye comes at a time where you should regroup and feel like this team can change its fortune with 11 games to go?

DERRICK HENRY: Yeah, definitely. You know, bye, we got is to get guys some rest, guys who need to get reps, get some reps like Coach says and just focus on improving while we have an off week, and then get away for a little bit and come back ready to work.

Q. The talk about the red zone this year; do you feel like you guys are pressing down there or is it just small execution things?

DERRICK HENRY: Executing is all it comes down to. When you execute, you get points in the end zone. When you don't, the drive stops.

Q. Considering you've had some of the same problems over and over again, Mike said probably, maybe, there were some things that aren't correctible on this team right now.

DERRICK HENRY: If you talk to him and what his answer was, I mean, that's what it is. He's the head coach.

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