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RB Derrick Henry


(on weathering the storm early in the game and staying in the fight)

Yeah. You said it perfect. Just sticking with it and trusting and believing in what we do, and going out there and finishing and trying to get in the end zone and score points. And I think those guys did a good job with that. I just had to go out there and do my job.

(on the impact on offense when the defense goes out there and scores first)

Yeah, it was very exciting for them to be able to get one. The coaches have been preaching about it, and they finally made it happen. More momentum for us and they did a great job.

(on if in performances like today he tells Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing to keep calling run plays)

No. It just comes. I don't really go to them and (ask them to) keep feeding me. Just run what they call.

(on Jaguars running back James Robinson)

He's the truth. Patient runner. It's easy to get downhill fast. Break tackles. He's just a really good back. I just told him to stay with it, man, just keep being great. And you see that on the field.

(on what it was like getting to meet Kayleb Wagner pregame today)

Yeah. Going back and forth on Instagram, talking to him, and I knew he'd be coming to the game, being on the sideline before the game. Just happy to be able to meet him, put a face with the name and introduce myself.

(on what that moment was like)

I mean, it was quick. (We) got a picture, introduced myself. I think he came with a couple of his coaches or some of his family. (We) just got a picture and (I'm) happy to be able to meet him, man. (The) guy that broke my record. (He) must have been running like crazy.

(on how important it was to win today especially heading into a primetime matchup)

Yeah, it's always important to get a division win. We definitely wanted to seal this one and carry the momentum to next week, which is a big matchup with Buffalo. So, we've got to enjoy this and get ready for the next one.

(on tackle Taylor Lewan saying statistics are great but that he is looking for ways to improve and how much more efficient the offense can be on the ground)

Really, you know, just focus on it and attack every week, wanting to be better and wanting to improve. I think Taylor (Lewan) said it best, how we focus, (not) on the stats or anything like that. just how can we be better than the week before and be better connected. That should be the main focus always.

(on Taylor Lewan saying he felt like the offense 'left some meat on the bone' and if he agrees)

Yeah, definitely. We definitely can be better. Just focus on being better than we were this week and try to focus on finishing better.

(on how good it was to have wide receivers A.J. Brown and Marcus Johnson back)

Yeah, it's always exciting when those guys get in there and make plays. Marcus (Johnson) made some big catches. A.J. (Brown) got back in there. They all did a great job of catching the ball and getting up field and getting the most out of the play.

(on if there is something special about playing in his hometown that motivates him)

No. I treat it as another game and try to come and play to win.

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