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RB Derrick Henry


How important was it to grind out and run out some clock there at the end of the game?

It was very important. A lot of times we want to run off as much clock as we can. We just try to move the ball down the field so we can keep the ball in our hands.

What did it mean to you to cross the 9,000-yard rushing threshold for your career and do it in a win?

Extremely blessed. Thankful to make it this far. Thankful for the friends, coaches, and my teammates that helped me get to this point. I want to be able to play this game as long as I can, so I'm just thankful.

You moved up a couple spots on the career rushing touchdowns, you're now one behind Marshawn Lynch, how much does that mean to get into the top 20 and be number 17 on the list?

It's a blessing. I grew up watching Marshawn (Lynch). I admire his game and the way he played. It's a blessing to get to that list and get to where I'm at. I'm just thankful for the people that helped me.

How concerned were you when Tyjae (Spears) took that big hit on their sideline and it seemed like you came to his defense a little bit, were you not liking what you were hearing as far as the chatter or what was going on over there?

I just wanted to make sure that he was ok. He took a big hit, and I saw a bunch of guys over there chatting, so I wanted to see what the commotion was about and checking on him and also come to his defense in that situation.

Is he a pretty tough kid to bounce back from that and come back to play?

Definitely, we saw that when he was at Tulane. He's tough. He works hard. He took a shot right there, but I'm glad he was ok to be able to get back in the game.

How did you like (Mike) Vrabel going for it on fourth-and-one early and did that provide some kind of spark early for you guys?

I think coach was trying to be aggressive, get us into a drive, and it helped get a spark going on offense which ended with points. We were all for it and excited that we were able to convert.

A couple guys said it is inevitable for some degree of doubt to creep in when things aren't going well and for confidence to rebound with a win like today. Do you feel like that is an accurate assessment, and how much does today bring you guys back to a good feeling about yourself?

It's always a positive, and good things to build off of you get a win. It puts things in the right direction. Remain positive. Our guys played hard today. Glad we were able to get in the win column, it's been a little while. Just need to build off this momentum going into next weekend for a division game.

I know you try to keep guys up when things aren't going well, but did you feel guys get down as things were not so good?

I think guys are just hungry to get something going and to make something happen. I don't think guys had doubt, I think guys just are ready to get it going so we can move the ball downfield and on both sides of the ball and everybody is making plays.

I imagine you are pushing these guys through the week; did you say anything different this week sitting at 3-7, needing to make the most of the last seven games?

No, I think guys are ready to win. The main focus is getting in the win column. That's been the whole emphasis all week. Just win the game. Have a great week of practice and let it translate on Sunday and go out there and execute and play at the level you want to play to.

For guys like Tyjae (Spears) and the two rookies you have blocking for you on the offensive line, how do you feel like this last stretch of the season could be a good moment for them to prove themselves and also give you guys success?

It's a hell of an opportunity for those guys to get in and show what they can do and keep building as the season goes on, and also building for the future and be in a position to just do whatever they can to help us win. I'm excited to see what Jaelyn (Duncan) does and all the others getting an opportunity.

How did you like their performance tonight?

I thought they played great. I am going to focus on what I did and how I played. I felt those guys did the best they can to help us win and that's all you can hope for.

How did you feel like you did on being more effective with your touches, did you feel some more effectiveness in your carries this week?

No, I feel like I could have done a little bit better today. Just going to watch the film and grow from it. Try to be better and work on it as this week comes up and hopefully it translates.

2-for-2 in the red zone, was it as simple as being able to run the football?

I think it was just getting in there. That's where I was able to help us and put some points on the board.

How big of a moment was it for you guys to bounce on that turnover immediately?

It was cool. Our defense got a turnover, and then two plays later we were able to score. You definitely want to capitalize on things like that.

What did you think about the end of the Iron Bowl yesterday and did you seek out guys like Darren Bates after a game like that?

I haven't talked to (Darren) Bates in a while, but glad we were able to win. I was going crazy in the house on that fourth down, but (Isaiah) Bond made a big play and (Jalen) Milroe made a hell of a throw. We ended up with a dub so I'm happy.

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