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RB Derrick Henry


Was there a relief feeling for the team to finally get a win today?

We feel very excited. Finally get one in the win column. The guys played hard and fought hard, we got the win at the end of the day.

How do you think Treylon's (Burks) completion got you guys up and running?

Definitely got us up and running. Big momentum shift, we were a bit stalemated to that point. He made a big play for us, when we really needed it and got us going. It was a big play for him, we were able to make a bit play and get it in the endzone.

How did you feel about going into over time and that game winning kick?

Defense did a great job. Especially in overtime, getting us the ball back and us being able to go down and put three points in to end the game. Nick (Folk) did a great job getting it in there. I feel IT was great job overall with execution on both sides of the ball and it was a team effort.

The usage you and Tyjae (Spears) seemed to work pretty well. Do you think that's going to be a difficult thing for teams to handle?

Yeah, we hope so. Be a one-two punch, a great tandem. Being able to make plays and move the ball down the field. I feel we did a great job as well.

At what point during the option play, did you realize Ryan (Tannehill) was going to keep it going in?

I figured Derwin (James) would go with me, and Ryan (Tannehill) would be able to fake it and get north and south. I feel like he did a great job leading us today.

You get a lot of accolades for running the ball, but you had a lot of big blocks in pass protection today. How much pride do you take in that as part of your game?

I just try to do my job, when the ball's not in my hands, to help in anyway possible to help us get a play going and execution just help anyway possible, pass blocking on play pass, just doing my job.

How do you important do you think performance was for Ryan (Tannehill)?

I knew Ryan (Tannehill) was going to come out and a respond well like he did today. No worry from me. He was high energy and just ready to go to work.

When you see him standing there and take that beating and still deliver how does that affect your respect for him?

I've always had respect for Ryan (Tannehill). Ever since he got here and been our starting quarterback, like I already said, this is how he plays and he's been doing well and he does everything he can to help us win.

When you say he was high energy this week, was that any different than normal?

In high energy I mean just positive, not down at all, ready to go to work, ready to put the work in and go out there and let it showcase on Sunday. He worked hard all week, and I knew it would pay off.

It's been a while since you guys scored as many points as you did today, was this a confident building game for the offense?

Yeah, definitely. It felt good to get in the endzone, get in there multiple times. Different guys getting in there and putting plays together to lead to points. Like you said it's been a while, so definitely a lot of good things to build off of. We came correct. At the end of the day, it's a positive getting the dub and getting in the endzone and making some plays.

Seeing Dillon (Radunz) go through all his rehab in the last year, and he came out today in a big game when you guys really needed him in that spot. How do you feel for him?

It's incredible for a guy like him to have that injury and work as hard as he had to get back to us. The credit goes all to him and his determination to get back. The work he put in and his work ethic, glad to have it back out there. He did a great job getting out there.

We've been looking forward to seeing your pregame outfit. What do you call that kind of top?

The Mariachi. So, its Hispanic Heritage Month. My daughter's half-Mexican, my girl's Mexican and I'm really close to her and her family. I had been thinking about doing it for a while now, it was a good time to do it right now. It's going on the (Sept) 15th to October 15th, so I just wanted to recognize the Hispanic culture.

Did your daughter love the outfit?

Yes, she was happy. Anything she sees me wear, she loves. She's always energized in the morning. I feel like everybody, they liked it, and it was a good response.

What was going through your mind when it was sunny the whole game and it started raining with your kicker running out there. What was the conversation like on the sideline?

We were in the drive once it started raining. All I was thinking was 'Just get this thing in the endzone or get three points so we can get out of here before it gets crazy.' So we were able to get the win before it really started lightning and pouring down.

Was there any doubt he would make the kick?

No doubt at all. We'd seen him last week and knew we were going to win. .

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