RB D'Onta Foreman


(on if the offensive struggles were due to too many turnovers)

I mean, I guess so. You never know. It's hard to win a game when you turn the ball over. That's common knowledge. But at the end of the day, I think everybody on our team fought hard to the end of the game. I don't blame it on anybody. We just came up short. Each and every guy goes in that locker room and goes out on that field and plays their tail off each and every day, even at practice. We come together to try to find a way to win games, unfortunately we just didn't get it done today.

(on his journey this year going from not on a team to being a key part of a top seed)

What I learned, first of all, is that God is good. That's something I already knew, but just seeing it, it the way my life changed overnight pretty much. It was just amazing. This one hurts. Being able to be back and be in a position to be able to help this team get to where we are now just to come up short, I don't know. It just hurt my heart. I wanted to finish it off the right way.

(on if he proved something to himself this season)

I don't really want to say I proved it to myself, I always felt like that was in me already, I just had to prove it to everybody else. And I think I got the opportunity to do that thanks to the Titans, thanks to Coach Vrabel and Jon (Robinson) and everybody for believing in me and trusting in me and giving me this opportunity and this platform to show what I'm able to do. I'm just so thankful and so grateful. Like I said before, God is good, and I want to continue to show people that I can play in this league. I can be a good running back, and I can go out there and ball.

(on his big run)

I just wanted to help the team win. Whatever my role was, whatever my job was, my number got called, and I just wanted to be effective and be as productive as possible like any other game. That's all it was, just a mentality, a mindset just to go out there and play our style of football. Run hard and finish runs.

(on how hard the finality of the season is)

It's tough. It's very tough. Coming in and battling with these guys, I wasn't ready for it to be over with. A guy being at home for the first eight weeks, I'm trying to play as much football as possible. It just sucks, man. It hurts. It really does. I had to hold back tears. Coming from where I come from, to be in this position, to have this opportunity in front of me, I couldn't ask for a better situation. I'm just thankful, though. I don't want to make it seem like a bad thing. I'm very thankful and happy for this opportunity. Unfortunately, it didn't go the way I wanted it to go, but I'm still grateful for all the positives that did come out of this. We'll see what's next.

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