RB D'Onta Foreman


Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

# # #

(on his touchdown scoring play)

It was a great playcall, something that we worked on in practice. It worked out like we expected it to. It was great just getting back in the end zone. I really appreciate the coaches and everybody for giving me that opportunity. It was just good to be back in the end zone and good to be back out there.

(on the run game and running back Derrick Henry)

He really ran hard. Guys were out there fighting and giving it their all. It looked good, but we just have to clean up some stuff and try to get a win.

(on having 10 days to get ready for two games on the road after a short week)

We just have to lock in. Take some days off and get some rest and get healed up and then come back ready to go next week. We still have a long season and some games we have to go win. I'm looking forward to it.