RB Brian Robinson Jr.


On how it felt to get back on the field:

"I feel good, man. I really can't really explain the feeling. It's just being back out on the field. I mean, the ups and downs, but today everything finally came into the light. I'm just so blessed to be back out there with all the fans, the team, everybody involved."

On running out of the tunnel:

"That was great. Feeling all of the energy from the fans, obviously everyone who missed the time I was gone. My teammates waiting on me at the end of the tunnel, that was one of those remarkable feelings. I can't even really explain it."

On if he reflected on his situation while he was on the field:

"Actually, I put all of that behind me. After I took the field, I prayed about it. I put all of that behind me. My focus was on being on the field, and helping my team win so I kind of put that behind me."

On if his mentality playing the game of football has changed after the shooting incident:

"I've always had a dominant mindset, just have to take the next step. Being blessed, to be able to come back and do it all over again. I never want to take it for granted. I want to leave everything on the field every time I get a chance to play. My mindset is to keep making strides in the right direction and hopefully we can pull something together."

On any advice he can give to people seeing his story:

"Never give up. When you get blessed with another day, another opportunity to wake up and chase your dreams. Just never give up, never stop fighting for what you believe in, and keep working. I feel like it will all come to the light, and that's kind of my story. I just kept my head high, I didn't complain, I didn't try to go back in the past. I just did everything I had to do to take steps forward. That's what helped me make the progress I've made over the past six weeks".

On what his teammates have done for him since the incident:

"My teammates, they've been the best for me. Honestly, they've been bringing all the energy that I've needed ever since the accident. Since my first time coming back to see those guys at the building, they've just welcomed me with open arms and showed me nothing but love. They've just shown me how much they've appreciated my presence on this team and I felt that today. I have great teammates, we have a great bond in that locker room and I just look forward to continuing to build onto that."

On the loss versus the Titans:

"I thought we fought. I thought we played hard. Obviously we can get better in some areas, but this being my first time being a part of the game plan then I can have new goals going into next weekend. How I can help the team be better next weekend. Just continue to make progress. I feel like we played them, we played them to the last second. It didn't end how we wanted it to end, but we were in position to come out with the win."

On the defense knowing he was on the field, and keying in on him:

"Kind of. I kind of felt like they played in run fits a little bit more when I was in the game. They kind of expect me to run the ball. That's why I can help in the play-action game. We had a big play to [WR] Dyami [Brown], ran a long play off of play-action where they bit down on it and thought it was going to be a run play. It shows you the effect that the play-action game can help the receiving game when you have a threat to run the ball."

On playing in the NFL living up to what he dreamed out:

"Definitely. Just coming out on to this field even coming through this tunnel was part of the dream. So I'm definitely living out the dream now. I finally got a chance to go out and play in my first NFL game, I can't really explain how it feels going through what I've been through. But it's definitely coming to the light now."

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