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RB Adrian Peterson


(on going up against the Saints defense in the run game)

We knew we were going up against a really good defense up front, and overall a good defense. I feel like we had some good ones and we were close on a lot of runs. You have games like that. Fortunately, we were able to get that W in the midst of us trying to get the run game going and being able to help our offense. If we are able to run the ball, they are able to do a lot of other things as well. Putting yourself in second-and-four or second-and-three are key. I feel like we just need to keep working. It is almost there so we just have to keep working.

(on players being able to step up and how important that is when other players are out with injuries)

It is very important. This is a new chemistry with some of the guys that are in the rotation now, so it is like, whoever can get us going, let's do it. I told (D'Onta) Foreman after I went back in that he did a great job of creating something, allowing us to build a rhythm and kind of get me going too. When I see my guys have success then that is fuel for me, and I want to try and match it or do better.

(on if he did better running with his pads lower and if his son will give him a better review this week)

I haven't talked to him yet. I felt like I was good with my pad level. My boy Mark (Ingram II), I guess he saw me on one play or so where I was kind of high and he was telling me, 'Hey, you have your shoulder pads up.' So still need to make sure I get my shoulders level. Just going to continue to work at it.

(on what he has seen from the team that impresses him the most)

Heart. That passion for the game. It is group of guys that love the game of football, that love the guy next to him and are playing for each other. You don't hear guys complaining. Defensively and offensively, you will see guys going out there and doing whatever it takes to win a game.

(on what it was like to play at Nissan Stadium as a member of the Titans)

I played here a couple times, but it feels good. It is kind of funny because I was telling my son yesterday that when I was younger, the first team I played for in organized football was the Oilers. This franchise being from Houston and now here and being a part of it, it feels good. I am blessed to be here in this situation that I am in. It is a great fanbase. A lot of love they were showing today. I just want everyone to know that I will continue to get better each week and keep pressing forward.

(on what a six-game winning streak says about the character of this football team)

It speaks high. Games are hard to win in the NFL and today was tough. It is games like this where it can flip and be able to lose it or win it. Have to continue to be able to grind them out and adjust on the fly and pull-out W's and not pedal down. I think offensively we have a lot of stuff to get better at, so to be able to continue to pull out wins out speaks on how good this team is and how good this team can be.

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