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QB Will Levis


(On how difficult it is to get in a rhythm with the lack of time in the pocket)

"I mean it's just tough as an offense as a whole. I mean we just got to do a better job each and every one of us, looking introspectively what we can do better. I mean for me knowing that if we have these games where we're feeling the flow, if they're on us a little bit quicker then maybe just getting through my reads a little faster, getting the ball out sooner. It's hard to kind of change the thought process mid-game but there's definitely things I could have done that would have helped."

(On the first drive of the game where the offense stalled-out in the redzone)

"Yeah I mean just sucks getting down there [and] doing all that work to then, I mean we love points, we're never going to turn down points, but we love touchdowns more obviously. I have to do a better job there of stepping up there on that third down, just hanging on a route that was taking a little bit too long, knowing that enough time to be able to step up, knowing that the rush was coming around the edge but that's an example of how I could have helped us out there."

(On if he had to adjust his thought process at any point in the game today)

"I just tried to do a good job at feeling what was coming, and then when I could feel it, moving on. I wouldn't say my thought process changed too much on any of my reads, I still had trust in our guys out there like you have to."

(On why he thought the offense had some rhythm at the beginning of the game and went flat)

"I mean I have to point to the one drive that we just stalled on penalties and the false starts and just operationally. We can't have that happen. I mean we're professional football players, we can't be jumping offsides. That's two weeks in a row that we kind of got bit in the butt early in drives, putting us in tough situations where that just can't happen, and coming out like that is tough and to fight back from that position is not easy so we got to be better, just be a little bit more locked in and continue to use those cadences and things to our advantage in the future."

(On how much tougher it is for the offense to execute in the redzone)

"I mean it's tougher in general just because it is less space obviously, but I don't think there's anything we're doing that you can really point to be like 'hey, this is why we're not executing down there', it's all of us, it's all 11. We all need to do better like I said, we just need to pay attention to little details and be locked in to what we're trying to get out of plays, out of protection, the concepts, the different games that we're going to be facing the different pressures, the different looks. I just think we can do a better job of all being on the same page there and playing more freely when we do know exactly what's going on around us."

(On if he feels like it's more difficult to evaluate things when he is constantly under pressure in the pocket)

"No, I'm just trying to do my job and I mean if there's pressure, there's pressure just need to take it one play at a time, get up and just look to run the next play [and] execute. So no, I mean it's part of the game and just got to take what they [defenses] give me and make the right play."

(On some of the specifics of what it'll take to get the running game going)

"Just work, I mean we obviously have been mixing a lot of guys up front so I mean just having some cohesiveness in the unit and just having those guys really gelling and leaning on each other and having confidence in the dude next to them, I think there's going to be some opportunities for different dudes to step up – we don't know who those dudes are going to be, but I think we've got to find our core and we've got to come together as a unit."

(On his interactions with WR DeAndre Hopkins and overall game plan of getting him more involved in the offense)

"I think it was just what we saw within the game as the game was going on and the different throws we thought were going to be available to us and then thus maybe tweaking some plays or changing his route a couple times to get him open, so that was nice. But never going to try to force the football, obviously I'm thinking about going his way sometimes and we're just still working on chemistry on some of those one-on-one balls that we work. Coaches did a good job at making those in-game adjustments to make sure he got those targets he deserves."

(On getting WR DeAndre Hopkins more involved in the offense)

"I mean, we've got to throw it to the open guy. Whether that's DeAndre [Hopkins], or whoever it is, that's what's going to happen. Sometimes, just with the flow of the game and the progressions and the different coverages that we are seeing, sometimes what you are trying to dial up just isn't there. It's the luck of the draw sometimes, in that respect, with who's going to be 'the guy' that game. We, obviously, every week, are going to have our plays for 'Hop' (Hopkins) and have our plays that we think are not going to go to 'Hop'. Sometimes, those plays go to 'Hop', and sometimes the other ones don't go to him. Again, not going to force anything. Just going to try and read it out true and throw it to the guy that's open. But he's too good of a player for us to not give him the ball."

(On the defense knowing that he was going to be forced to throw more often trailing in the second half)

"I just know in those situations, knowing how they are going to be playing their coverages – just more differently. Again, not forcing it – taking the profit. Like you said, we have to get the run game going to open up everything else. I think that those are good reps for me, because obviously, those type of situations are prevalent in any two-minute, end-of-game, [or] end-of-half situations. Not necessarily changing your read, but just understanding how it could affect who is open and who is not. So, those are really important reps, regardless of if it's down two scores or if it's down one and going down to win the game."

(On the team's 3-6 record)

"It's tough, it's tough – it definitely is. We're not trying to focus on the record. We talk about staying in the river and not worrying about one coast or the other. Just staying within the system and taking it one play at a time – one day at a time.  We're going to get in there tomorrow and just focus on tomorrow and dominate tomorrow. Don't care about what happened today, don't care about what happened the other nine games. We just have to keep doing our thing, keep pushing, and come together as a team. This is when teams can falter and break apart, or they come together and show how strong they really are. We're trying to prove that we can be the second."

(On his in-game learning process)

"I really think I've been seeing things pretty well. I think there's definitely a few plays here and there in each game that I could point to where either my thought process was a little off or I saw things a little differently and could have helped us out up front in a certain way. But, today I think I saw the throws that were there - a couple definitely that I want to have back. But, I think that gives me confidence just knowing that I'm not going out there guessing. I'm seeing it and I know the throws that are supposed to be there. Just have to do a better job of getting them out and completing more."

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