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QB Will Levis


How much do you think you can build on this win?

A win is a win. We talk about how hard winning is in this league is. That's one where it kind of feels like we did. But we got it, and we have to keep building on it and keep going from there. It's the first time in a while I feel like we got a win. So, it's a good feeling.

What is required to build on it when you guys are in these situations and have some momentum? What do you need to put together here?

I mean just continuing the keys that we've been talking about these past few weeks. Even today. We did better in the first half than the second half, just examples of us shooting ourselves in the foot. I need to do a better job of operating the offense and putting us in easier spots so that we're not setting ourselves back. A couple of third downs, just a couple of opportunities for us to extend drives which I wasn't able to do for us today. But just got to key on those moments and make sure we can operate in those situations. 

Getting in and out of the huddles as one of the keys, how did feel you guys did that?

I think we did a good job of getting in the call quick, getting in the huddle quick and getting out quick. Not so much the operations part of it though. I think just on me, we had a cadence issue on the last drive that put us in a bad spot, which I could have helped us by just getting things going a little faster. For the most part though, I thought we did a good job. We have to continue to do that.

Do you think a degree of doubt crept in because you guys haven't played well and is there some sense of relief or reestablishment that comes with this win?

I talked to the guys today that we just got to get our juice back, we got to just get our mojo back. It's tough these past few weeks looking around after games and seeing the look in dude's eyes of dudes we all know that are dogs. Guys go out there and have done this year in and year out and to just regain that confidence today. Which I think getting the win alone was enough to do that. Hopefully we can get that rolling and get these guys' confidence back.

  1. How much did it help when you go through that first touchdown drive, you're in a good rhythm and you're completing the ball to different guys and getting them involved? How much did that change the mindset and get it rolling?

Yeah, I mean that was awesome. It was 17-play drive or something like that. We ran more plays on that drive than in the second half. But those are the types of drives that brings up the entire stadium, the defense, offense, special teams, the fans. When you're able to march down the field like that and finish it. It's the best feeling of all to just finish a drive like that.

Are you surprised coach let you go for it on fourth-and-one from the 30 and plays like that does that help get the juices going?

I'm so glad we did because we messed up. I had done something that could've put us in a better spot on the third down before the penalty. And then to get that close on that play, that's obviously a risky situation, but I'm up for it obviously.

  1. Your third down numbers today weren't all that good, what do you guys need to do better on the third down to convert more?

Looking back for me, I think this was the first game where I've had more than a couple of location issues in terms of accuracy. Which I've got to keep working and know that I can make those throws. But a couple of third down opportunities where I had someone, and I just missed the throw. Maybe one or two where I could have gone somewhere else with the ball, but I mean the location I just have to trust that I'm going to make those throws and they'll come next time.

  1. How about Jaelyn Duncan's first start, how did you notice he protected you there?

Yeah, I was on him all week getting his confidence up, his demeanor and just how he went out there and played, I was very happy for him and gave him a good hug after the game. 

  1. Anyway to explain being 4-0 at home now and still haven't found a way to win on the road yet?

I guess we have good fans.

  1. It's a cleaner process for you guys on offense at home, isn't it?

Well definitely operationally just with the noise. But even today, I feel like in terms of the operational mistakes we had this week compared to last week, it was pretty similar even though we were at home, which is interesting to think about. But again, we just have to hone in on those things. 

  1. How important were those three points before the half and how do you like how you executed that?

Yeah, that was sweet to get points there. To stall out on the two-minute drive before it and then to get another crack at it with thirty seconds left, that was cool that they had trust in us to go out there and try to make something happen. We had a couple of plays dialed up and a couple of guys who we weren't really thinking that could be getting it, ended up getting it. The one right before half was nice because they pretty much knew what we were running and still converted on it. 

Tyjae Spears took a knee 15-yards behind the line of scrimmage, was that him being smart getting down or did you realize he did that?

He doesn't need to be anywhere specifically in that formation. If he knows we're clocking it, he just stays. That's just him being a heads-up player.

As you said a win is a win, but is it a little frustrating in the second half you guys weren't able to get anything up on the board?

Yeah, we were stagnant all second half which is tough. But we just got to just focus on watching the film and learn from it. But to have a first half like that, and to play complementary football with the defense, and have that great feeling at halftime, to then go out and just kind of be meh the rest of the game sucks. We have to be able to keep it rolling and keep putting our foot on the gas and finish the types of games out.

Have you followed everything with Coach Mark Stoops last night?

No. I literally heard it yesterday. I think Ryan (Tannehill) was the first person who was like, 'Stoops to A&M.' I was like, 'I have no idea what you're talking about.' I think he's staying, but I have to talk to him. I'm out of the loop on that one. 

Every time you turn around and hand the ball to Derrick Henry, he gets it to the end zone, and he's climbing up the board. How cool is that to be associated with a guy who continues to do what he does?

It's so cool. He's one of the guys I was saying earlier about getting our swagger back. He's one of the most gifted people to ever touch the rock. For him to be on this offense and for me to be able to hand the ball off to him and watch him run, is a pleasure. Again, when you get him rolling there's not many people that can stop him. It was good to get him in the end zone a couple of times today, get his confidence up. I still think he's hard on himself and feels he could have done a better job running the ball offensively. But this is going to motivate him to get us ready for next week and get those guys up front rolling. 

How big of a step forward could this be for Chig Okonkwo?

Yeah, shoot I wish we would have gotten him that score. I think he was still in. I don't know why they didn't review that. But don't reach the ball next time Chig. It was cool to get him some burn. He's the kind of guy where you got to get the ball in his hands. He's explosive. There's not many people at his position that can run and move the way he does. So, understanding his strengths and finding ways to get him the ball is going to be important for us.

How do you balance the chances to throw the ball down the field while also taking what your coaches are giving you?

I'm just taking my coaching. I'm seeing the game and reading it as we see fit. I try to do a good of knowing when we can go a little off schedule, and see things, and be confident but not reckless with types of throws. I'm just operating the game plan. I wouldn't say off the top of my head that I agree with you in terms of the plays. But I love taking shots down the field, but you have to know when to. And today there were some opportunities that could have hit but I either missed the throw or didn't make the decision to. I have to learn from it because there were big plays out there for us to be made.

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