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QB Will Levis


This team seems to do much better here. What can you really say about that?

I've got to thank the fans; they brought it today. I definitely felt on our defensive drives, it was good energy there, we feed off that, and we're definitely comfortable here. But I feel there's not a big difference, it's weird we haven't been able to win one on the road yet.

How hard is it to walk out of here with a loss, especially after taking the lead in overtime?

It's tough. It's the NFL, it's a battle. Especially in these divisional games, we knew it was going to be a street fight all week. I was proud of how we fought and at the end of the day, they got the best of us. It sucks. But we're going to keep pushing and it's disappointing, but all you can do is keep rolling.

Another week where you guys start pretty strong and then come out of the half kind of flat. You got it going eventually today. But what is it about falling flat at the beginning of the second half of these games?

Yeah, I got to attribute those stagnant drives to my play, especially to the second and third ones, had opportunities to convert there, by either getting my eyes back and progressing a little faster. I had Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) on both of those and it just sucks when you miss those, and you watch it, and see the pictures. I think three three-and-outs in a row and that's just not good football. Got to be better.

One of those deep passes, you and (DeAndre) Hopkins, when you guys had a conversation after. What did you see on there? What did you tell him? It seemed like you were pretty agitated.

It was just a little miscommunication, I thought he was doing one thing and he ended up doing the other. I still got to give him a better ball and sort it out. Just making sure we are on the same page going forward.

Is that something you gain confidence in doing these games, getting after a teammate after a play?

We hold each other to a high standard. I allow him to express his feelings towards me and vice versa. I'm just getting more comfortable with my relationship with him and everyone else on the team. I'm just trying to get us in a spot to win games and if that means getting on somebody that might be how it is. Just trying to find a way to make the relationship with the person make sense to get the best outcome and that might be different from one guy to the other.

(Mike) Vrabel said you compete your ass off. I know they're going to talk to you about the helicopter hitch. Are you going to continue to play like that, even though you maybe put yourself in harm's way sometimes?

There's a time and a place. That's one of the situations where third down and I knew I was right at the sticks. It was either lower your shoulder and do something else, and instincts took over. I have to be careful, for sure, and not put my body at risk.

In overtime, did you think you had a free play on the one that you pulled back and ended up scrambling and the defender kind of leaning forward, and you went play action to Tyjae (Spears)?

We ran the play that we had and with the pressure had to end up dirting it. It sucks because we had that trick play called there and with the offsides, it showed our hand. It's funny they ran the same play earlier in the game and it sucks the offsides happen on a play like that.

You guys scored a touchdown on the first drive, that was the first time all year that had happened. Was that a lot of stuff that was kind of scripted all week on those on those four big plays or how did that all come about?

We were confident in our openers, especially those first two. On the second one was an opportunity to really catch them sleeping, and Chig (Okonkwo) did a good job of getting into the pocket. Had a really clean edge and got it to him, and we were rolling from there. So it's great to start a game off with a touchdown and good job by Tim (Kelly) and our offensive staff for getting a good script of openers for us and just got to be more consistent.

Without (Derrick)Henry and (Josh) Whyle, did you feel kind of the injuries mounting a little bit, especially in overtime?

I think Tyjae (Spears) and everyone else who ended up getting in there stepped up and did a good job. I'm hoping they're able to recover and get back to us soon. But obviously, it doesn't hurt to have Derrick Henry out there. But I think Tyjae (Spears) did a great job and held his own.

Losses are always very difficult. But does this one kind of carry a little bit of extra weight to it, given the injuries and being so close with so many different opportunities to win the game?

Yeah, I think personally, I feel like it's the worst I've played as a Titan. Just watching the film, will make me sick with all the mishaps that I had out there. So, I think just personally for me, that's what makes me feel as bad as it does. And still having a chance, even despite my play, to be able to go away into overtime, it's deflating. It stinks. But I've got to do what I can to be better for this team.

The conversation you had with D Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) and expressing yourself with your teammates. Is this something you would have done a month ago, or do you feel like you've started to earn that right?

I don't think I'm earning it, per se. It's more of a comfort thing. Like I said before in this week's press conference right before practice. I'm still trying to find my way as a leader, and whatever my role is—it could be different now than it is in a couple of weeks—But whatever it is, I've got to make sure it's natural that I'm going to get through these guys and get the outcomes we're looking for.

Second week in a row behind this iteration of the offensive line, what's your comfort level with them and how do you evaluate the way that they protected you today?

I thought they did a good job. They gave me opportunities to step up in the pocket today and I need to help them out with my throws and decisions. Our main goal is how I'm moving in the pocket, so they did a good job, got to keep instilling confidence in them, and it's nice we have that continuity going from last week with these guys.

Some of the veterans were basically pushing you to be more of a vocal leader, which you were this week. What are you going to be saying to the team now that you're sitting at 4-8 the rest of the way? What's going to be the message that you're going to give to the guys?

To keep pushing, you can't look at your record to determine how you're going to go out there and play. Circumstances can define your work ethic and how you go out there and standards you hold yourself to that. You're coming to work every single day to dominate for that day, and doing it the next day, and again the next day. And then hopefully, have it translate into Sundays, which we couldn't do today. So, just go out there and try to win every single Sunday and that's all we can do.

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