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QB Will Levis

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How much fun was it today?

A lot of fun. Like I've been saying it's the game I love and there's nothing better than winning a football game. Coach Vrabel saying, made it a little harder than we needed to, but we go the win, that's all that matters. Got to get ready for this short week against Pittsburgh.

What was your nerve level coming into the game? Any anxiety and if so, did it go away?

I was up and down all the last couple of weeks. I think there were certain days where I was kind of feeling the butterflies a little bit. But really just confidence and just keeping that neutral headspace on everything. I didn't really have any of those feelings today, so that was good.

It's been a while since you played, how did you manage getting back on the field?

Yeah, I was telling Trevis (Gipson) in our locker room, 'I think you're the last person to hit me since we brought you over from Chicago.' But yeah, I mean, just playing quarterback obviously, season through season, you're going a long amount of time without getting hit. But I mean, it's football. I'm used to it, obviously playing as long as I have. It's good to be able to play the full game.

The throw to DeAndre Hopkins, how big was that for you, and what was going on in your head?

It was good. I just trust in what I saw. We knew that we might have some opportunities to go over the top on them. We weren't necessarily going to force it, but just wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. And he was obviously doing a good job of getting open.

How much did your confidence grow throughout the game as you started to have some success?

I was confident all game. I was really just taking it one play at a time. I mean, just all the other guys doing their jobs was giving me confidence and knowing that everyone, for the most part, their head was in the right spot. And we were we were clicking in all 11-of -11. So I just was trying to take it one play at a time.

The team's kind of hit a crossroads and really needed a spark and something to build on. How pleased are you to be the guy to come in and offer that and now something to build on going forward?

Yeah, I'm just one of 11. There's a lot of guys that did their jobs today that won us that game. I mean, seven being one of them, Malik (Willis) really, that left a sour taste in all of our mouths when we were hearing those boos when he was coming on the field. We got to know that he's going to be a big part of us going forward to win games. So, let's just come correct next time as fans and treat him correctly.

Daniel Brunskill mentioned you usually go to the offensive line dinner each week, but you missed it this week and he said you were probably studying. How much did your preparation play a factor in your confidence today?

It wasn't that. My sister was in town, so I was out to dinner with her. But I definitely was studying a little bit extra than usual. But I think how I approached things beforehand before I even started in the kind of regimented schedule I had; I didn't really tweak much. So, what I did before, just helped me prepare for this moment.

Did you feel you had all the time you needed back then when you had to have it?

Yeah, definitely at times we felt a little pressure, but they kept me clean. I think I really only got sacked once and I don't know if that other one was a sack. I gave myself up on that one. But they did a great job. I got to give props to all those dudes up front. They played a heck of a game and did their jobs and that's all we can ask for.

Was that designed for you to go all the way across the field like that?

Yeah. I mean, we were just doing something off of the traditional kind of boot that you see a lot of teams do. And you give a good head fake to that safety, get him to lean, came back across. We were kind of lower in the red zone. I knew I had to get it up and down a little bit or at least pull him across the field more. So it was nice. I mean, there's no better feeling than laying on your back and seeing a touchdown go up.

Was that a 100% effort throw for you, or is there something left in the tank?

I don't know. I just made the throw that I needed to.

Coach Vrabel mentioned you needed to hydrate and you're a big sweater. Were you about out of gas at the end?

No, it was weird because it's not like I was really do anything too strenuous. Like, I've worked a lot harder, and strain myself more at practice and stuff. But I just had something I needed to take care of. It wasn't really necessary, but I knew that it was going to help me, so I just got the IV to handle it.

You hope and dream for an NFL debut like this. But do you find yourself looking back at the numbers and so forth and going, wow?

This is a dream come true for sure. But I mean, we have, what time is it right now? I got 12 minutes to celebrate it before we're on to Pittsburgh, as Vrabel said. But like you said, I've been dreaming of this moment as a kid my entire life. Even just the touch the field in an NFL game, let alone get a win, is incredible.

They gave you the keys to the offense quite a bit today, maybe more so than somebody making their first start. How many times would you say that you checked out of a play and had to go something different, and it worked out?

I mean, I don't know. I was just going off my rules and what was asked of me at the position. I think that I got to thank Coach (Tim) Kelly and Coach (Charles) London for preparing me these last couple of weeks. I thought the game plan was just really fitting for what we were going against and for it being my first start and everything. So, I mean, we have multiple ways we can open up the playbook and we showed some of that today. But I mean, props to them for putting me in a position to succeed today.

Could your early throw to Burks that didn't hit maybe your best throw of the game?

It felt good. I'll watch the tape, but hey, we trust that we're going to make those types of plays downfield and we'll make the next one there. But yeah, it's a pretty nice throw, I guess.

You didn't have a full platform on that, did you?

Yeah, I went from him, back to the dagger, back to him, which usually doesn't work out. But I mean, next time maybe he can hit the flat for a first down.

Wetalk about not finding out who quarterbacks are until they actually play in real games. Do you feel like you found anything out about yourself today?

Just gave me more confidence. I feel like I've always had a good amount of confidence, but obviously to go out, do it, win that just builds it a little bit more. But obviously got to keep stacking and got a lot to learn from. It was far from a perfect game, and that's what we got to strive for.

Every time you played in this state before you've gotten booed. What was it like I guess when you were on the video board and people were kind of going crazy? I know they showed your family. What was the day like, from an emotional standpoint?

I got to just focus on the family par there. I had 20-plus friends and family here to celebrate this moment with me. Win or lose, I knew they were going to be there supporting me. And for it to kind of go down the way it did, with them in the stands for me right after the game, reminiscent of college feelings of similar games, and wins, with mom and dad in my arms. I mean, that's what it's all about. I've got so much love for so many people. And glad I have a good circle around me

Did you feel the support from the fans in the stands too?

100 percent. I mean, try to tune out the kids and everybody yelling your name and stuff behind the bench. But I mean, hey, you got to deal with the highs and lows of the game at this position. We know we obviously want to win every game, but there's going to be bad games, there's going to be bad performances. I know that the people that are up on me now, are probably going to be down on me at another time. So just got to keep a neutral headspace about it, acknowledge it, acknowledge that it's really cool, and just keep pushing forward.

On the touchdown to Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, I know you talked about being on the ground a little bit. But then you were kind of tumbling around a little bit, and then the Billy 'White Shoes' thing with Nick....

I didn't see if he'd already done it because I knew he'd been practicing it all week. But I didn't want to miss it. So, it took me a little bit to get down there, but I'm glad I got a little dance in.

What was the namaste with DeAndre Hopkins?

Just his thing that he was doing. I just figured I'd join.

What's your mindset going in next Thursday's game?

I mean, just taking it one day at a time, starting today. Obviously with a shortened week, this is all about whoever recovers better and whoever game plans better in the short amount of time. So, we're going to make sure that we do what we can to be that team. I'm going to do my job.

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