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QB Tyrod Taylor


(on his first rushing touchdown)

We called an option route for Rex (Burkhead) on that one. The defensive line kind of got in the vision of him. I stepped left to get to a better side of Rex (Burkhead) and realized there was room to run and was able to make a play. I felt like the defensive guy was probably going to go low, so I went high.

(on what was going through his head as he jumped)

Get in the endzone.

(*_on how his ability to run added to the offensive plan_*)

I think it definitely added to it, but it was also just the flow of the game. And obviously when you get conditions like this, some stuff you're comfortable with, some stuff you have to get away from until the conditions slow down a little bit. I think Coach (Tim) Kelly did a great job calling the game today, putting guys in the right position to go out and make plays. The guys up front did a great job handling their front seven. The receivers made plays on the back end when the option presented itself.

(on trying to sustain drives)

Just execution. It boils down to us executing. Talent is in that locker room. Obviously, some guys are injured, but every time we step on the field we feel confident in everyone that's dressing out. The talent is there. It's just about us going out and executing. We're executing all cylinders. It shows by the way guys went out and got the win.

(on Head Coach David Culley's message after the game)

Proud of the way we fought. Obviously, to come on the road in a divisional game with a team that was on a win streak definitely feels good to get that win. Obviously, it wasn't a clean game or it wasn't a perfect game. It was a win for us. So, there's still stuff to clean up, but we'll do that. Like we mentioned to you guys last week and we spoke about in the locker room, it's a 1-0 mindset. We've got to continue to take it one week at a time.

(on if it was harder to have a 1-0 mindset during the losing streak)

Each week is a new week. We can't take the loss to the next week. It's easier said than done, but as a player you've got to put it behind you and continue to keep pressing forward. This league, it shows week in and week out that any team is capable of winning a football game.

(on if they considered giving Head Coach David Culley the game ball)

We'll discuss that with the leadership group. I'm pretty sure that's something that's deserving. I mean, it's something that's we've been fighting for for a long time now. It's been eight weeks of losses, and that's tough to go through as a coach, as a player, as an organization, but it was great to come out and get this win on the road today versus a team that was a very hot.

(on if it feels like it's been 63 days since his last road touchdown)

It doesn't feel that way, but thanks for putting that in perspective.

(on if this feels like something the team can build on)

Absolutely. I mean, obviously it's tough to learn from each and every game where we're going, regardless of the outcome, but when you win, it's just the team morale is up, and I think it's opportunity for us to build and continue moving forward.

(on what they tightened up offensively in the second half)

We had a couple of penalties. Our first and second down wasn't as efficient as early on in the game. I think that's when we were at our best, obviously when we're getting second-and-shorts or second-and-mediums versus second-and-long or not getting what you want on first down. We have to be better in that area. But overall, it was a great job overcoming some of that. Our defense played well. Our special teams played their butts off as well too. Hats off to the guys on that end.

(on how much the day-to-day changes after a win)

I think the routine still stays the same. Obviously, the mindset is what it is. We continue to find ways to get better, challenging each person in the locker room each and every day to bring the best attitude and their beast game and just the best preparation, and see where that takes us.

(on what he saw from Texans running back Rex Burkhead)

Rex (Burkhead) did a great job. He's a great back, he's played a lot of football. He does a great job in the running game as well as trusting him in the passing game as well too. All the backs did a great job too. Like I said, I'm proud of those guys.

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