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QB Tua Tagovailoa


(on the fumble and sloppy execution playing a role in today's loss)

It played somewhat of a role, but at the end of the game you have got to go out there and execute the plays regardless of the conditions, regardless of what it is. That we just didn't do enough of.

(on people doubting if he is the quarterback to take the Dolphins to the playoffs)

I think people have their own opinions. I have heard this the entire time I have been here, so at the end of the day I can control what I can control and that's to be the best version of myself for this team. We have got to move on to the next game at this point. We will look at the mistakes we have made, make some corrections and move on. 

(on what worked and didn't work for the offense today)

If one person doesn't do what they need to do it pretty much screws up the play. Whether it is me making a throw, a certain throw, the running backs running finding the right a lane, or the line blocking a certain way, the receivers' routes, everything matters. The little things matter. It was just poor execution on our part.

(on the third-down sack during the drive before the missed field goal)

Can't take the sack, obviously. I tried to step up and fire into Jaylen (Waddle), and unfortunately I wasn't able to so that's what happened. I couldn't execute that.

(on the team's emotions)

It is never a good feeling losing. There has been about seven games where we have been able to pull out and get some wins so it is tough. It's tough going on the road, you lose. It is never a good feeling. It is just back to the way we have got to do things and move on to the next week.

(on how defenses have been playing the Dolphins in the last three weeks)

I think they really run what they do well. It's really not much gameplanned unless it's third down and they will bring some pressure here and there in normal down and distances. Other than that, they stick to what they do and what they do really well, and they just go out there and execute. We try to stick to what we do and try to execute, but obviously that wasn't the case today.

(on teams being ready for the Dolphins' quick passing game)

I am not too sure as far as how they prepare for us. I think a lot of the teams we have been playing here within the last few weeks, they are really good teams. They've got veteran guys out there and their communication is at an all time, so we have got to do a better job at executing.

(on being uncomfortable playing from behind)

No, it is football. You have got to not worry about the score. You just keep your head down and keep fighting and try to string some good plays together and put some points on the board.

(on if the Dolphins were trying to start out with a passing attack against the Titans' defense)

Offensively we wanted to try and push the ball down field and into some of the areas we thought were going to be voided with the play action game. We wanted to try to stay ahead of the sticks, be in manageable third downs. That wasn't the case with our first three series. We were third-and-nine, I think third-and-10 and maybe another third-and-10. You can't go out there and not be able to execute on the road against a good team and expect the outcome to be good. There just needs to be better execution from us.

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