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QB Trevor Siemian


(on getting hot in the fourth quarter)

I think we were probably pretty poor on third down in the first half without looking at anything. But that's my initial thought. We've got to find a way to stay on the field early in the game.

(on the two-point conversion play)

I was thinking it was going to have to be a play extension, then I saw the linebacker's back turn on Mark (Ingram), and I thought that was a pretty good chance to get one there. Without having looked at it, I think I've got to give him a better throw and extend the play, and something weird happens.

(on which read it was for the two-point conversion)

That was just Mark (Ingram II). That was the first guy on the progression on that play

(on the frustration on the penalty on the two-point conversion)

Yeah, it hurts. Obviously down there it gets loud. There's some movement. There's a lot of communication that happens, but yeah, certainly if you convert on the two versus on the seven, it's probably a little – the odds are probably a little better there.

(on whether something felt different in the fourth quarter)

Yeah, I think just staying on the field, like I said, if you don't stay on the field everybody says, 'Oh, we're not in a rhythm.' One drop gets magnified here and there, but when you stay on the field, you convert third downs or whatever it is, and you get some trump plays and everybody feels good. But you've got to stay on the field to get more plays and usually get things happen.

(on any common themes on third down)

No, I think early definitely challenging us and made some big plays, but just weren't consistent enough.

(on if the team has been getting in its own way)

Yeah, I think we can be as good as we want to be. But yeah, I think we're close but that doesn't mean anything.

(on the difference without Saints running back Alvin Kamara)

Yeah, he's a difference maker and he's got to be accounted for on every snap. Yeah, I think Mark (Ingram II) played really well, but Alvin (Kamara) changes the game a little bit.

(on neutralizing the pass rush in the second half)

I think once they got out there they were playing a little more coverage, and the offensive line I thought played well all day. So, when they're playing coverage, they're not disrupting the timing of the routes and there's a little more rhythm in the passing game. But when they're challenging you and disrupting the timing, sometimes you've got to hold the ball longer and push the ball down the field and that's what it looked like.

(on playing without injured players)

I think injuries – you don't want to focus on injuries because everybody's doing the same thing. I think Tennessee (Titans) was pretty banged up too, so at this point in the NFL season, that's why it's the strength of the team and not just individual players. I think we've still got a really good team and we're going to get it fixed.

(on Saints Head Coach Sean Payton's message to the team)

Details. Just details we've got to clean up here and there. The game played out how we thought it would, to a certain extent, we've just – a couple of details we've got to get cleaned up. There's not much margin for error.

(on seeing enough from the team to have confidence going forward)

Yeah, like I said, we've got a good team. Again, this is the NFL. You're not blowing people out, you're not winning by three or four scores every week. The margin for error is next to nothing and these games, whatever percent of them come down to one possession at the end, and if you slip up on a few details, this is what happens.

(on the fourth quarter and finding personal rhythm)

Yeah, I've played three weeks in a row now. So, I feel like I'm a starter at this point, so that part's good, but that part happened organically probably midway through last game.

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